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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maybe the 3rd time is the charm?

So I am going to be one of those people. The one that starts a blog just because of a big life change that's about to happen. But I've been wanting to dip my toe into the blogging world for quite some time now and this just seems to perfect. Plus, I can use the excuse that we have family spread out in lots of places that really deserve to see the pictures that are sure to come. :) At least I'll keep telling myself I'm doing it for them and not just because I like to hear myself "talk" on screen.

But check out the 2 little lines that changed our lives yesterday:

A little background of our journey to get here. Almost two years ago, we decided it was time to pull the goalie. :) I wasn't naive to the problems that so many of my friends have had conceiving or with miscarriages. With William being slightly more "mature" than me, we wanted to get a start on it!

Within a few months, we got our first positive on a pregnancy test! But in June, while I was up in Pentwater for our family vacation I had a miscarriage. William came up to get me and the doctor just said it was an early miscarriage for no real reason. So we jumped right back on the baby making wagon. We spent the next year charting and trying every cycle with no luck. Finally, after about a year my doctor said she was willing to try Clomid. In May, we found out that our first cycle on Clomid was a success! But at my 7 week apointment, we saw an empty sac. They said it just might be too early. But a week later, we saw the same thing. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. It's basically when your body thinks it pregnant. I was feeling sick, gaining weight, and the sac was growing. There was just no baby inside. They said they would give my body a few weeks to realize what was happening. Well, it didn't get the message, so on July 29th this past summer, I had a d&c in my 10th week.

During the next few weeks, we were really busy packing up our house and moving back to Champaign. We got all moved into the parent's basement and settled in as much as we could in the transitional time. William was still job hunting, I was crying everyday about my awful class and well, we were in the basement. Enough said right?

I called to get my referral to the reproductive health center here to start the process of getting to know a new doctor, etc. I was going on cycle day 50 something with nothing after the surgery and was starting to get a little anxious as we were waiting to start Clomid again. A few days before my appointment and on cycle day 62, I thought "maybe I should take a test, just to be sure."

I snuck a test out and low and behold, the 2 darkest lines of any of my previous tests came up immediately. I had a whole flurry of emotions. It wasn't as exciting as the first 2 positive tests. It was mostly worry. And come on people, we were in the BASEMENT.

But here we go. William and I have talked a lot about how we felt like we really were on infertile ground in Indiana. And not just for baby reasons, but for so many more spiritual reasons. And not to mention, we had to rent a jackhammer when we were planting the trees in our backyard. Yes really, a jackhammer.
Talk about infertile soil. And so as we have prayed that God would bless our decision to move back home and start over, we now are laughing at God's timing and sense of humor. A baby made in a basement. It will be a great story . . .someday. :)
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