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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"1 month" check up

So I guess our pediatrician is a little hard to get into, so we just now had our one month appointment, even though he's almost 7 weeks. But we'll get back on track by having our next appointment in just 2 weeks. It's always reassuring to hear that he's doing great! He's 23 1/4 inches long (84th percentile) and 12lb 10oz (87th percentile). The boy has a smaller than normal head with 38.7 cm putting him in the 36th percentile.

We asked about cradle cap as his head's been super dry and scaly this week. We'll just continue with our baby oil and soft brush routine as that's been helping a ton. We also double checked about what we can do about gas. Monday all day and evening was really rough. He had a new kind of cry and when I did the bicycle legs, he produced copious amounts of farts. The gripe water didn't seem to help so we tried Mylicon (the Target brand) which helped almost immediately. Dr. Tripathy assured us that we could use it generously if need be. Although he seems to be back to his old self, thankfully! Keep up the growing buddy. Love those little rolls that are starting to form everywhere!
Oh and we're definitely getting some real smiles! They are so sweet. And don't you just love the faces babies make while sleeping. Here's a video for the grandmas (ie might be kinda boring for anyone else!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today we got to see some of our favorite people! The Carlyles drove west and we headed east to meet in the middle at the Mac's! The guys braved the heat and grilled up some awesome burgers and brats while the gals stayed inside and manned the chaos of all the kids. When I asked if everyone remembered what it was like to have normal, adult conversation without shouting, Adam was quick to say "nope, don't remember that." :) The kiddos enjoyed some Wii, Lincoln Logs, and of course the usual assortment of kid things like hitting, crying, and tattling. Owen cannot wait to get in the mix in a year or so!

Ohh how I miss having these folks around all the time. We miss you guys so much! I realized I didn't get one of all the adults. Oops!

Izzie and Caed waiting for their food:Lillian (do you really need to take my picture) and Liam:
Izzie showing off her dancing moves:
My two guys:My favorite picture from the evening. Ollie wasn't so sure about Summer holding the little guy. I think she loves her role as the baby of the family. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

dinner with Melby's

Saturday evening we had the lovely privilege of hanging out with the Melby's (sans the delightful Keira). After holding out for the "bad" storm that was supposed to come through, we braved the light rain and went to V.Picassa. I will give this place rave ratings for their food, although the tapas portions are definitely on the small side. We love these two and appreciate their sound parenting advice and friendship!

A beautiful mommy: (Don't mind the editing. I'm trying to figure out lightroom and saved over my original pictures)
He really is this happy all the time!Aww, the two babes are sound asleep!

Friday, July 23, 2010

the nursery

Ok, ok I know this is very belated. I don't know why it's taken me so long to post this labor of love, my little man's nursery. I love it more everyday. Thanks to my fabulous mom who made pretty much everything - the bedding, the "bookshelves", and the adorable little pennants above his closet. I'll try and post where I got everything too! I couldn't paint, so I knew I had to infuse color in lots of other places. Please just deal with the white walls and cream doors. Uggh I know.

I found this picture at Little Apple Design. I used this as my starting point and inspiration.
My one big splurge was the fabric for the room. I loved the actual bedding set from Serena and Lily, but couldn't afford it. So I bought the fabric and got my mom on board! The other fabrics were just from the local fabric store.
Here's how the room started. It was basically our junk and catch-all room:
I was really quite torn in trying to decide between white furniture and espresso. I concluded that if it was a girl, I probably would have gone white. But I LOVE the espresso and love that it will be able to be used for future rooms! I hunted and found a modern looking crib called the BabyLetto Modo which we got for a good price from Amazon!
I knew I would want a place to store wipes and diapers without having to open the top drawer of the dresser. So I ordered two of the matching dressers. They both came with a little changing table top that can be removed when we're done with it!
The chair was a big splurge but thanks to my parents for helping out! I love it and have already put many hours in rocking and nursing time! It's from Best Chairs and their Storytime series.
And here's the after pictures. When you walk into the room, there's a little wall with this on it. Oops, need to change the picture in it (thanks Julie!):
Walking in:
A quick look around:

A few of the details:
Don't you just adore these alphabet cards from Petit Collage? I mean, I'm a teacher to I had to have some kind of alphabet in there right?
The letters are paper mache from Hobby Lobby with about 8 coats of paint on them. I may have bought enough to make the name Owen and Greyson since we weren't 100 sure.
The mobile (shown from Owen's perspective) is from The Wonderland Studio on Etsy. My sister said that Etsy is like my crack. And I agree. I love it. I wish they had gift cards. They are all I would ask for.
Other Etsy purchases in the room include 2 of the wall pictures. The picture of Max from The Wild Things is from The Random Art Shop. The print of You are my Sunshine is from the Jessica Swift Shop.
This cute little giraffe is from Bundled. Have I mentioned I love Etsy?! The piggy bank is from Amazon, although I'm not finding the link right now.
All in all, I LOVE it! Lastly, here's a pic of the little man who lives here. Where did that month go?

Jenna's Graduation!

Today was my sister's graduation from Regency Beauty Institute. They really need to work on their graduation ceremony. She literally just clocked out, everyone clapped, and it was done. But we tried to make it a little special. Jenna's teacher wanted us there in costume, so I decided to make a graduation hat.
He wasn't so sure about modeling it:
I can't believe how fast those 9 months went! Congratulations Jenna! It's been so fun watching you find your passion. We look forward to lots more hair cuts at Lando! (Due to just washing her hair, Jenna doesn't want me to post pictures of her. So these will have to do. I promise that the graduation "ceremony" was all about her, not Owen! )


Just some fun random pictures from our week.
Hanging out on the mat from Grammy:
Just chilling and looking outside with Sophie:
Always so serious:
That was some good milk mom:
And of course some video. He takes after his dad and is already snoring:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my wonderful hubby!
From our humble beginnings:
To this:
To those wonderful high school years:
We finally met:
Fell in love:
And now this:
I'm so thankful I have you for a lifetime! You're the best husband (and daddy) a woman could ask for and marrying you was the best decision I've ever made!

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