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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas {part 3}

It was our first Christmas Eve and Christmas without anywhere to go which was fun!  On Christmas Eve, we went to the 3 o’clock service at church.  Here were the cute shirts I made for the kids.  Owen’s was made using vinyl and Ellie’s is made with ribbons glued on.IMG_1386  Owen didn’t want to pose at home:IMG_1494 Picture 1747I printed off some Christmas activity pages for the kids (and the DeAtley boys) in case they got bored in the service.IMG_1496 Here are all the boys in red:

IMG_1502And here’s how Owen ended the service (just like last year):IMG_1503IMG_1511We drove home and looked at some Christmas lights and had a great dinner.  Each kiddo got to open one gift too.  Then the rest were saved for the morning! IMG_1526 IMG_1535 IMG_1552 IMG_1563 Picture 1756-001 Some of Owen’s favorite toys were Peppa Pig and George, some Automoblox, and several duplo sets.  Ellie loved her new tent, bracelets, and princess Duplo set.  Sam’s family also gave us their trampoline which was a huge hit:

We spent Christmas in our pajamas playing with all the new toys.  What a great holiday season.  Here’s a closing shot of all the cards we got.  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!Picture 1765-001


Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas {part 2}

This year, most everyone (minus Jenna) was able to gather for Christmas at my parents house, just a bit earlier than on the “real” day.  On Friday, December 20th, William took the afternoon off for our gender ultrasound.  We took the kids with us since we would be leaving from there to head to Peoria.IMG_1370 IMG_1379After getting the exciting news (more on that in another post), we headed to my parent’s house.  They opted for a non-traditional tree this year and last and I love it!IMG_1395 IMG_1400 We have a yearly tradition in our family to do a fondue dinner every Christmas Eve.  So on Saturday we got out everything ready.IMG_1401 Check out these vintage fondue pots:IMG_1403 IMG_1402The kiddos only lasted for a few minutes into dinner, but the adults had a lovely time.  Blurry picture, but the flash one was terrible.IMG_1409After a very yummy dinner, my dad did his traditional telling of the Christmas story.  He also gives each of us the next chapter in his book “Thing I Wish My Father Had Told Me.”  He reads it to us and we all cry. Then we go around and share something we are thankful for this year and something we’re looking forward to in the next year.
Finally, the kiddos got to do what they were itching to do – open gifts!  My mom spoiled them rotten!IMG_1414 IMG_1428 IMG_1443IMG_1429Sunday morning, we got to go the Peoria Vineyard which is always a fabulous time!IMG_1460 My cutie:IMG_1448 IMG_1452 I could not love this picture anymore of Ellie and her Grandpa.IMG_1457IMG_1475 IMG_1465 It was such a wonderful weekend with our family!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas {part 1}

There’s so much to write about for Christmas this year, I’ll need to break it down into several posts.  First, here’s just a little of the decor we did this year: IMG_1256 IMG_1257Picture 1728 Picture 1732On Sunday, December 15th I put the kiddos in their fancy x-mas outfits so we could get 2 wears out of them, one here and one in Peoria.  Owen and his Sunday school class came in and sang one song in “big church.”IMG_1304IMG_1288 IMG_1300IMG_1329Not a bad family picture of all 5 of us. :)IMG_1348blog-signature-1

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Without my sister nearby, I enlisted the help of photographer Brad Hart to do a few Christmas Card pictures.  The night before/morning of our shoot there was a huge blizzard.  Our streets weren’t plowed so we couldn’t get out.  Brad was able to drive his 4 wheeler over and grab a few pictures for us in the freezing cold. :)
And here is the card we ended up with from these great shots:
Merry Christmas!
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