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Friday, December 13, 2013

17 weeks!

How far along? 17 weeks last Wednesday
Baby: He/she's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone and he/she weighs 5 ounces and around 5 inches long from head to bottom.
How I'm feeling: Hallelujah the puking is done.  Not gonna lie, that was the longest 15 weeks of my life.  It really felt it was never going to end and that the glory of second trimester would never arrive.  But literally, overnight I started to feel like myself. William acted shocked when he came home one day to dinner cooked and me not on the couch.  I had to laugh - I wasn't faking it dude.  That sickness is so real.  I'm very thankful that I have some great girlfriends who brought us dinner and watched my kiddos for me.  Even though I was swearing we were done with 3, after only 2 weeks of being puke-free I've already said "well maybe we could have 4.  It wasn't that bad right?"  And that my friends is how the world stays populated: baby amnesia.
Food cravings: After 15 weeks of saltines and milk (I’ve never drank that much milk in my life), it’s been nice to be able to stand the smell and taste of more food these last 2 weeks!  I’ve been craving shrimp, salmon, clementines, berries, and cream soda.  And can I just say that I’m thankful to be pregnant during the holidays?  It’s so nice to be able to eat it all.  haha
Feeling boy/girl:  Because of how I’ve felt most of the pregnancy, it’s hard to not think girl because I wasn’t sick like that with Owen.  Also from the beginning, Owen has said it’s a girl and sometimes I think siblings have a sense about these things.  But really, this time I HONESTLY don’t have a preference as I have the best of both worlds and have clothes for both. It would be so fun to pull out Owen's things again, but sisters in matching outfits and bows - be still my heart.
Last appointment:  I met with Ellen for a pretty quick appointment 5 weeks ago.  Baby's heartbeat was 163pm, so again, more consistent with what Ellie’s heart rate's were.  She wouldn’t let me schedule an appointment longer than 4 weeks out, so we won’t find out the gender of this little one until after Christmas.
Stuff I've done for baby: I’m just getting lots of ideas on the rooms.  I’m losing my craft room to this baby (but we’re gaining a basement finally – more on that later!).  I think I’m definitely going more vintage/eclectic for this baby which William isn’t 100% on board with, but I’ve always been in charge of nurseries so he doesn’t really get a say anyways. haha

And it wouldn’t be a pregnancy for me without already having purchased (cough cough) 2 new diaper bags.  In my defense, I sold 3 old ones, which was harder than I thought it would be.  I was surprised how I felt kind of attached to the bags that had gone everywhere with little Owen and baby Ellie.   I’ve wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag since Owen but could never justify the cost.  So when my second choice,  a Skip Hop went on great sale, I grabbed it.

But secretly I still looked up PPB bags on ebay and other sale sites.  And then this print came out and I was totally smitten.  So I convinced myself that I will use 2 bags and watched and saved and watched and saved.  Thank you to all who’ve bought crafts from me. :) Before Thanksgiving this print was retired and I found it in several places for the cheapest I’ve seen it.  She arrived and I love her.  William’s buying me a matching little bag to go inside for Christmas.And a few pics: I'm at that stage where I can still wear a few of my regular pants and just look a little pudgier or wear maternity pants and top and look really pregnant.  Around 16 weeks:  Photobucket

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  1. I am so happy to see your blog is back! :) I have wanted a PPB bag forever too! And I have the skip hop bag, ha. I have a diaper bag problem so I think your purchases are justified:) Since Asher has been born Ive been searching for the 'perfect diaper bag' so I have bought probably 11 bags in search of it. The skip hop bag is my most recent purchase. I look forward to hearing the gender!!


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