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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks today
Questions for already mommas: so I'm busy making my vaccination plan and wanted to see what you gals did in regards to the 2 "mandatory" things they do at birth. Those being the vitamin K shot and the antibiotic goop in the eyes. Of course, William and I are STD free, so the eye goop seems silly, but since he's getting circumsized, should we do the vitamin k shot? Or should I ask to give it orally? Or not at all? Help!
I'm feeling: stretched! 6 more weeks of growing is going to not be so fun. My tummy is really tight and it's getting harder and harder to lean forward or get comfy at all.
Stretch marks?: nope, at least that I can see
My man: has found my right rib. His kicks and stretching out are starting to even hurt a bit. He's also been getting hiccups almost everyday. Usually after I drink something sweet or caffeinated. It's a super strange feeling, let me tell ya!
Movement: Still moving a ton on the right side. Although "they" say that it should be slowing down a bit as he's starting to get a little squeezed for room in there.
Swelling: rings still fit and ankles look normal!
Food cravings: I've been loving pineapple and really wanted some spicy sausage. I tried this recipe (with a few tweaks) and really like it! - Baked Penne with Italian Sausage
Labor Signs: nope, and not sure I would know if I did :)
Belly Button in or out? in, but growing flatter by the day
Books I'm Reading: I really enjoyed Your Best Birth and would really recommend it to other pregnant folk. It definitely is a proponent of natural birth, but I didn't feel like a terrible person in thinking that I'm not opposed to having an epidural. It gave some really great overviews and both sides of some issues. It was also a very easy read and interspersed with great stories. Still working through The Vaccine Book and writing up my delayed vaccination plan. This week I also want to start the Bradley books and Lamaze. Just gotta read up on what’s out there.
What They Don't Tell You: TMI as usual. Umm, break out the breast pads. I'm leaking! I ran out in the living room after my shower to tell William that I wasn't sure I was ready for this.
Fun baby things I've received/bought: I LOVE All About Kids! I sold a few maternity things that weren’t fitting right and then turned around and bought a few pieces that were on super sale. Who in the world would pass up this Gap jacket for $2. I’m thinking paired with some cute jeans for his dedication at church.

And look at the beautiful bumper pads. Ohh I can just stare at them. Thank you mom!
the outside (orange with white polka dots)

the inside (brown with small white polka dots):

And I can stare at them from my awesome new glider! Thank you again mom and dad for helping out on this. It’s so comfy and I’m looking forward to many cherished memories of nursing, reading books, and cuddling!

And of course, some pictures from yesterday afternoon and this morning. Ever noticed how your reflection makes you look huge. Oh wait, that's just me right now.

Kinda a lame smile, but the sun was really in my eyes!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ohh, that's right

So I walked in my classroom to find 2 guys installing a projector in my ceiling. Really? I tried to get any form of technolgy in my room all year and we get a projector with 5 weeks left to go? I was joking with the guys about why they weren't there in August. So then I felt a little bad about not being here in the fall. Maybe I could handle coming back (not that I even have that option at the moment). A little technology can go a long way in making the classroom more exciting and bearable.

But fast forward to an hour later at recess. Where I was hit with a jump rope (on purpose mind you), yelled at, and called a mother f******, as I was carting my wonderful student down to the office. And I remembered, ohh that's right. I'm not going to be here this fall. And I'm perfectly ok with that! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Baby

My Dear Baby Boy,

I cannot believe that I will be meeting you in about, umm, 6 weeks!!! Of course, you could always come a week or so early and I would not complain for a minute! :) I just hadn't written you in a while, even though I think about you every single second of everyday. You're really stretching my tummy these days and practicing your (soccer?) kicking skills on my right rib cage. But I know it just means you're growing just like you should be. So kick away!

I just had to write you to tell you about a really neat moment I had a church 2 weeks ago. I know, I know a little late in the blogging. Last Sunday was baptism weekend at church. These are seriously the best services ever and I always bring Kleenex for the flood of tears that happens. There is something so powerful about seeing people publicly announce that they love Jesus. Here's a little peak (for those of you who didn't get to be there!)

There were about 20 people just in our service alone who got baptized. One of them was a mom and 2 small kiddos. When I saw the little girl get dunked, I lost it. Because I was thinking about you. I laid my hands on my tummy and just prayed (as I do everyday for you). I prayed that we will be able to teach about the awesomeness of having a real relationship with Jesus. The "I wanna partner with WHATEVER God is doing" kinda relationship. The life-changing, pack up your stuff and move for him kinda relationship (not that you ever have to church plant dude). And I look forward in great anticipation to the day where we get to see you be dunked as you tell the world you love Jesus.

Even though it's quoted a lot - I pray this for you often: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

I cannot wait to see what your future holds. I love you baby boy.
Your Momma

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

33 weeks

That's a honeydew in case you were wondering. (Just for you Trisha :)

How far along? 33 weeks today
I'm feeling: TIRED! I feel like I'm back to the first trimester where I would come home, take a nap, and still be ready to go back to bed at 8. Although I'm chalking this up to tossing and turning most nights instead of sleeping. I'm also getting the itchies. My skin is starting to get that "I'm being really stretched" feeling.
Stretch marks?: still nothing too major
My man: is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. He's also drinking about a pint of amniotic fluid a day. Yuck.
Movement: He's moving like a rock star! Mostly on the right side. But I wouldn't say he's super active. Maybe I'll get more of a mellow kid when he comes out.
Swelling: none too noticable yet. Although with the weather warming up and me taking back more teaching time in my class, I'm sure it's bound to happen soon. I spin my rings all the time to be sure they don't need to come off. I have a good cheesy bling ring from Walmart as backup so I can still feel married if my rings have to come off.
Food cravings: We went to Zelma's for the first time last week with Emily and Austin L. I was hooked. Especially for $5 pizzas on Mon and Tuesday. So that's what we did last night since I didn't feel like cooking.
Names: Still loving Owen with Greyson still kinda in the running.
Labor Signs: lots of little contractions when we go for our evening walks. And it feels like he's settling lower and lower down there.
Belly Button in or out? in, but growing flatter by the day
Books I'm Reading: The Vaccine Book by Dr. Spears and by a few people's recommendations, Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.
What They Don't Tell You: actually, my friends and mom are starting to tell me all the "fun" stuff. I can't say thanks enough to my friend Kimberly who wrote me a very honest email about things no one talks about. I so appreciate this information! Thanks to you, I'll have pads in the freezer and lots of baby wipes not to be used for my baby, but me! :)
Fun baby things I've received/bought: Who could resist looking in the clearance section at Old Navy? Not me. Ahhh, this was so adorable I just had to get it:

And a picture from this morning. Notice the crib skirt is in place. Nothing else yet. I really gotta start working on that nursery. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Anne emailed me a few weeks ago asking if we could hang out for lunch. This was not unusual and we really hadn't seen each other in months, so I was super excited. And I really thought NOTHING of the fact when she emailed me to ask if we could just eat at her house and then we were going to do something fun that a friend had done for her when she was pregnant. I really thought she'd take me to get a pedicure or something of the sort. I arrived and I was so clueless that I didn't even realize she wasn't holding her daughter, Grace, but was holding Keira who belongs to another friend.

I walked in and all these lovely ladies were waiting for me!

I met these ladies in the fall of 1999 in a Bible study in Atkin-Colby's lounge. We had 3(4) amazing years together and built so many memories together. Since then, we've attended weddings and now baby showers! The theme was "As Cute as a Button." They did such an adorable job carrying it out! Trisha and Anne are so crafty with the centerpiece, favors, napkins, and more!

I got some wonderful gifts from these ladies, including some adorable outfits, the cutest blankets, a giraffe with orange polka dots and this great shopping cart cover! I had seen super expensive ones via Etsy. But I had no idea this cute one existed. Thank goodness for mom-tested and approved products that we newbies have no idea about!

A few posts ago, I showed everyone a picture from Etsy of the alphabet in the colors. Being the creative goddess that Trisha is, she recreated it. Isn't it wonderful!?!

And one of the cute little guests, Grace. She informed me that wants us to use the name Owen, because she couldn't marry a Greyson.

Thank you so much ladies! This was such a wonderful surprise. You made me feel so special. I am so blessed to have you in my life!

another sign?

So, it's still being debated on whether William or Jenna came up with this. But think back a few years to my pink and brown wedding day. (ahh, good memories) This little monogram found it's way onto everything wedding. Our invites, programs, the bathroom baskets, favors, etc. Get it? "WE" standing for William and Emily?

Now, add an O at the beginning and an N at the end. What do you get?
. . .


friends you've never met

So, during my wedding planning I came across a webboard that was jam-packed full of ideas, pictures, and wonderful ladies with lots of good advice (WeddingBells). It wasn't until I was hooked a few weeks in, that I realized that the boards were full of Canadians. As if the .ca didn't clue me in. But I digress. I loved the ladies and so I'm one of the few US ladies who contribute to the boards. Ok, I'm actually an avid reader and only a semi-poster.

Well, after my wedding, I moved down to the BabyBells section of the boards. There, I got tons of information on Fertility Awareness Method and tons of getting pregnant advice along with ladies who were so supportive. Then came my first miscarriage. Despite being an awful time, I "met" some wonderful ladies on these boards who were going through the same thing. One of them was "ruby_wi" also known in real life as Julie from Wisconsin. :) Not only is she the most supportive and encouraging poster, we bonded as one of the few US gals. Somehow, we've developed a great friendship even though we've never really met in real life. Although someday Julie, I want to change that! Last April, I got to celebrate the arrival of her little man, Kieran. To celebrate my little man, she just sent the most amazing package. Along with some super cute sleepers and a crib protector that many friends have raved about, here's the best part. It's a perfect piece of love to add to the nursery wall. I just need to settle on the name that will go on the bottom. And of course, get a picture of HIM for the top!

Thank you so much Julie. You have no idea how special this is to me and how much I will treasure it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

32 week ultrasound

Well, our ultrasound and appointment went smashingly. Our little guy is perfect. Although, once again was being camera shy. You would think by his 4th sonogram, he wouldn't mind showing off a bit. But, noooo, he had to hide behind the umbilical cord and my ribs, so we didn't get any adorable shots. But enough to find out some good stats on him:

  • He's head down exactly where he's supposed to be and my amniotic fluid is plentiful.
  • He weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.
  • He is in the 57th percentile overall for size for babies his "age." This means he's a little big. She said that this number was the best predictor for his actual size at birth. With me being 8lb 14oz and William being large too, I'm not shocked that we might get ourselves a chunker.
  • His arms and legs were both measuring 1-2 weeks ahead. Maybe we have a tall kid on our hands?
  • Even though most things are measuring ahead of schedule, my actual tummy is measuring 31 weeks, so a week behind. Not that I'm complaining one bit about that.
  • He has hair!! I had no idea you could actually tell from this kind of sonogram, but at the back of his head, we saw some little hair floating out. So maybe he won't be bald after all!
  • The nurse said I had the best pee she'd seen all day. Guess all that water helped combat the doughnut and chocolate I had for breakfast. :)
  • We're now to the stage where our appointments are every two weeks. It's getting closer!!

Here's a few of the pictures we did get. I'm still amazed they're able to "see" all the things they can see. William, my mom, and I just nodded when she asked if she could make certain things out. Half the time, I was just pretending I could. :)

His profile:

His leg pulled up. You can see his leg bones, knee, and foot and also his hand which he wouldn't unclench so we could see those fingers.

Another foot pic:

And from the outside:

a sign?

I had one of my students pick the book out for our morning calendar time. In the book by Kevin Henkes was this sweet little character who loved his fuzzy yellow blanket. He also appears in a few of his other mouse books. Is it a sign?


I get to see my man (via ultrasound) in 2 hours!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the end is in sight

I officially have a sub (and a great one)! I can now start counting down the days until 3pm on Tuesday, May 18th! It's not tons of time off school but it definitely sounds better than getting done in June!

That means 25 more days of school. And possibly being done for a long, long time. Kinda sad. Ok, not really.

32 weeks

Wow, creepy right? But that's what my little man kinda looks like! Ohh I'm getting so excited to meet him, I can hardly stand it. 8 more weeks better fly by!!

Ok, onto this week's info:
How far along? 32 weeks tomorrow
Pictures from this week: Gotta love my hubby "photographer". He never lets us miss our Sunday morning photo shoots before church!

I'm feeling: Same as last week. And my love for my bed is quickly fading. It's just not comfy like it used to be.
Stretch marks?: I think I've spotted some on my lower back and sides. Not that I'm panicking or anything. I've been lotioning up, but I know if they're coming, they're bound to happen and no amount of lotion or oil is going to help.
Sleep: I finally broke out the huge pregnancy pillow. No, really, it's huge. Sophie does not like the fact that she has no where to sleep anymore on the bed. But it's helped a little with my staying asleep. Not a lot, but a little.
Milestones: My sister lovingly pointed out that my hips are widening and I have started to waddle. I pointed out that when you 1) add 25 pounds to your front and 2) have a baby's head down where it feels like a tampon inserted the wrong way (come on girls, you know that feeling), you'd be waddling too. :)
Baby highlights from the week: We have our 32 week appointment tomorrow! I'll do a separate post about all the info we learn. I'm super excited because we get another ultrasound and my mom is going to come. It's the first ultrasound she's ever seen live because she didn't have any done with me or my siblings!
Movement: He's moving like crazy. Unless of course, someone is watching or waiting for him to move. Little bugger knows somehow. I try to pull out the video camera to catch my belly doing the wave and of course he stops immediately. I will catch it, someday!
Food cravings: All I can say is I'm glad I bought the big box of these! I'm eating them like gangbusters now that's it warming up.
Names: Top 2 this week are still Greyson and Owen with Owen slightly pulling ahead of the pack.
Labor Signs: nothing yet. At least that I'm aware of.
Belly Button in or out? Still in. But really flattening out.
What They Don't Tell You: WARNING - TMI ahead! So, I know it's a great year off from getting that lovely monthly visitor. But what no one tells you is that you might go through more boxes of panty liners or change your underwear more during pregnancy than you ever have before. (I also liked this top 14 list of Stuff No One Told Me About Having a Baby.)
Fun baby things I've received: It felt a little like Christmas this week at our house! I got several fun packages in the mail, of course all related to Baby Pool! First, I have to brag about my sister-in-law, Duane.

There are some packages coming in the next few days from her this week and I'm just giddy with excitement over them. I've been on the hunt for a cute piggy bank. I've always loved my little piggy bank that I still have from when I was a kid. I'm not sure if boys are into that kind of thing, but oh well. Look at the piggy bank she found. It matches his bedding and everything! Adorable.

And then she bought the bag I've been drooling over! It matches his green and gray carseat and is just enough purse-like to not feel like a big bulky diaper bag.
Now to decide on a cute wipes case from Etsy:


I also received a super amazing package from a friend I've never met. I know, sounds weird, doesn't it. But I think she and the package deserve a post all their own. So to be continued. . .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things my baby doesn't need

So I've come across some pretty weird products in my time searching for baby gear. Some are just too good to not share with you. I have to laugh that somewhere, someone MUST be buying this stuff.

Every baby needs a pair of creepy zombie hands to hold them in place right? Then, try The Zaky:

I'm totally going to buy these for my friends who are having girls. Because why not teach girls early that women wear shoes that are cute, not comfortable?

Need some extra hands, but your little person is hungry. Try the Pacifeeder:

Maybe the already-moms can disprove this one. But this sure looks like a lot more work to me than just carrying the thing. Or using a sling or wrap. Flying Falcon

With The Baby Keeper there's no worries about where to put your baby when you go to the bathroom. Or for that matter, hang your baby on any door to get a few things done around the house.

Ok, I could go on. But I should maybe do something productive before my week begins. :) Have a great Monday everyone!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

31 weeks

First, congrats to my cousins Kim and AJ! Yesterday, they had a little girl named Camille Christine! Congrats you two! I can't wait to meet my new second cousin!

How far along? 31 weeks today
I'm feeling: like I'm slowing down. Everything's getting a little harder to do: get out of bed, move around in general, and there's definitely no more sitting on the floor in my classroom.
My highlights from the week: My student teacher is in full take-over for the next 3 weeks. So, I'm stuck in the hot back room of the library trying to find things to do. VLI and my gifted education class are priority right now. But today, that means I have lots of time to blog. :)
My baby: is about 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds and is supposedly heading into a growth spurt. He's moving like crazy! My stomach does all sorts of weird alien things now and I *think* he may have had his first bought of hiccups that I could feel. There was a consistent little bump for about 10 minute straight. Sorry buddy, could've been the Diet Coke I had.
Current projects: Mom is almost done with the crib skirt and bumpers. They are Aaaa-dorable!! I conceded that we wouldn't paint the babies room, but William did agree to let me freshen it up with a coat of white. So mom and I knocked that out last Friday. It makes our trim look gross and yellow, but now I have a blank slate to bring in color with. I picked out some adorable baby announcements from Etsy to buy and send out after he's here. No picture because I don't want to spoil the cuteness. I'm also knitting away. Angie and I had a fun knitting lesson last night! You should ask to check out her Barbie scarves. :)
Names: My top two names this week are Greyson and Owen. But this is very subject to change depending on the day and my mood. :)
Fun things I love, but won't buy unless I win the lottery:
For some reason, I think these UglyDolls are kinda cute:

And I'm still drooling over all of Petunia's bags (really, I do need 4 diaper bags right?)

And you gotta love Etsy:

And a few pictures from this week and Easter morning:

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