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Monday, October 12, 2009

There's a baby!

There really is something in there!

Thank you so much for your prayers. :) We got the call about 9 that the emergency ultrasound was available. So we got quickly down to Carle and nervously waited with 3 other obviously pregnant women. The first thing out of the tech's mouth was there's the heartbeat. Yes, there were tears. The heartbeat was low at 99bpm, but she said that was normal for how early I am. I know we're not out of the clear yet, but seeing that little blob is making it a little more real. They said we will just be closely monitored and will be taking progesterone until the end of the 1st trimester. We really appreciated your continued prayers for this little bean!

Friday, October 9, 2009

not so great news

I am all for people that are learning a new profession. That's why I am going to have a student teacher this spring. But when my arm and veins are involved, I'm a little more cautious. I cut out right after school and headed to the lab for more blood work today. As the lady was getting on her gloves and preparing the needles, she explained that she was a student in training, but had done plenty of blood work and I didn't need to worry at all. She did give me the option of saying no, but I'm a trusting person right? The prick hurt a little more than normal and then really started to hurt. I looked down just in time to see blood pouring out of my arm, onto the chair, and of course onto my new jeans. She starts panicking a little and apologizing profusely. Her supervisor comes over to help clean me up and then gets another set of needles ready for my other arm. While the student cleans up my arm and chair, the teacher stabs my other arm and gets the job done. At this time, I start feeling a little woozy. I'm not sure if it was from seeing the blood all over, or the loss of 7 viles of blood. A glass of orange juice later, I was feeling like I could actually walk back to my car.

And that's where my funny nature ends. Tonight, I went with Lori to hang out with a bunch of girls at Buffalo Wild Wings. Right as we were getting seated, I got a call from Anne, the midwife nurse I had met with earlier in the week. She asked if I had a little time, so I went outside and prepared myself for the bad news. She said my beta numbers weren't doubling like they should. On Wednesday, they were 4801 and then 49 hours later they were 7240. So they're going up, but she said it wasn't as high as she had expected it to be. But the scary number was my progesterone is at 11. Now, I'm not quite sure what that means, but I can tell you it's not great. She gave me the long talk about preparing for a third loss. I'm getting put on a progesterone suppliment and will be taking off school on Monday so we can get in for an emergency ultrasound.

Please Lord, not again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

no GD!

Looks like doing weight watchers this past summer has really helped my blood work. No gestational diabetes! Bring on the pickles and ice cream! My beta number was 4801. That probably means nothing to most of you, but that's where is should be right now. I think I'm about 21 days past ovulation and according to The Beta Base, the average for most women around this time is 1214. So my number looks great! Although a single beta number doesn't tell you a ton. They want it to be doubling every 48 hours. So I'll know more after my lab work tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1st appointment

Today was our first midwife appointment. I am so excited that they are not labeling us high risk, despite the 2 miscarriages. So we get to use the midwives. I've only heard really amazing things about the midwives from so many of my friends, so I am so excited that we get to use them! For our family, going with the midwives for our care and delivery is a great fit.

Today, I just met with the midwife nurse, Anne, who was fabulous! I drank the thick sugary orange "soda" while we went over piles of papers about future testing, the classes I should take, and foods I should eat/not eat. She was super encouraging.

I then went down to the lab and gave 7 viles of blood. I am NOT a fan of needles, but I survived! I'll get my gestational diabetes results tomorrow and then I go back on Friday to give more blood to make sure my beta numbers are doubling. This is the time where we found some problems last time, so I'm more than a little nervous. And my sis has diabetes, so I'm scared about that too. But I'm trying to stay positive that the 3rd time is going to be the charm for us and this little bean is going to stick!
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