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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30 weeks!

How far along? 30 weeks today! For some reason that feels like a bigger milestone to me than reaching 3rd trimester. 10 more weeks to go. Wow, that's going to *hopefully* fly by!
I'm feeling: Decent. It's been so awesome how much he's moving. I regularly look down to my stomach bulging in weird places and getting real punches down low and kicks up high. I *think* I may have had some braxton hicks contractions. My midwife asked a few weeks ago if I had had any yet, and I was clueless. But a few times when I've been walking, my stomach gets tight or has some mild cramping in one spot. Maybe those are what they're talking about?
My highlights from the week: I got my first gift off my registry! Thank you to Joanna for such a sweet package of useful goodies!! I also ordered an outfit from Gap that may end my search for his coming home outfit. It matches his carseat. Is that super anal of me?
My baby: is about 15 1/2 inches long now, and weighs almost 3 pounds. Sure doesn't seem like enough due the actual amount of weight gain so far. :) But oh well.
What no one tells you: TMI warning!! All I can say is that Tuck's pads and other hemorrhoid wipes are a girl's best friend. I thought all that fun stuff was supposed to happen after I pushed him out, but ohh no. The fun begins before he's even here!
What I miss: looking forward to a big glass of red wine, sushi, and sleeping flat on my back!
Current projects: The bedding is almost done! Here's a not-so-great picture of the fabrics we're going with! I can't wait to see my mom's finished project! The striped fabric is the main fabric (for the crib skirt, curtains, and a few other things). Somehow, the green accent that I thought would be added is just not happening. So brown, orange, and aqua it is!

I've also seen these adorable clothes dividers on Etsy, but with our non-existent budget right now, I opted for the $0.50 piece of foam cut into circles with some craft paint. It's helped organize all the clothes that mom has already supplied for the closet. :)

I also finally picked out and ordered my glider and ottoman. I've been hemming and hawing over this decision as it's a big chunk of money. But with mom and dad's (THANK YOU) help, I'm getting my dream chair. Ok, my real dream chair is like 2 grand, so it's not that one. And of course, I can't find a good picture, but it's going to be super comfy and brown so I can use it in future babies rooms and maybe in another room post-babies. It should be here in 6-8 weeks. Glad I finally got moving on that one!
Currently reading: Still getting done with some sleep books, but I hope this week I'll start Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book.
Names: For those of you who read this in Google Reader, hop on over to my "real" blog page and scroll down on the right to vote on names! I officially have removed Benjamin from the list as much as I still love it (I just can't remove it from the poll since voting has begun). So tell me what you like.

And a quicky picture from today. My two babies (Sophie and my weird shaped belly) relaxing in the amazing sunshine.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

visit with the Habels

We had an awesome weekend in Carbondale! I hadn't seen Sara in ages, so it was wonderful to be with them and of course experience Habel cooking. They were so kind to completely change around their cooking for us since we're doing the Daniel fast. My conclusion is that I would eat Daniel-fast friendly foods all the time if I could cook like those two. I unfortunately didn't take pictures of any of the delicious food, but we had 2 fabulous Indian dishes, homemade hummus, Pad Thai, and an amazing goulash soup. My hubby now has one more week to go with my bland concoctions of vegetables and beans. :) The fast breaks on Saturday at 5. At 4:45, I plan to be in line at Custard Cup for an Oreo snowstorm and William plans on being ready to drink some coffee.

Ok, I digress. Back to the Habels. Saturday was a beautiful day and we got to experience Garden of the Gods for the first time. It's a great little hike with these beautiful rock outcroppings. I wasn't quite as brave climbing out since my center of balance is a little off these days. But it was still stunning, even with the bare trees. It was a lovely day outside that concluded with learning a fun new board game (it's kinda like Settlers, but I can't now for the life of me think of the name).

All I have to say in conclusion is that we love them and their friendship! Here's a few pics from our hike:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Isn't it beautiful!? This is shout out to my friend and old roommate Jonelly-bug. She whips these amazing blankets out at a speed I'll never have in my knitting. This blanket is so perfect for our little summer man. It's soft, breathable, the perfect blue, and absolutely precious. I love it! Thanks so much Jonell!

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks and happy birthday to me today!
What will you be doing in the fall?: That's a great question. I got RIF'd this week which is teacher talk for got fired. Many first year teachers in the district got cut which makes it a little easier. So to answer your question, I have no idea! Maybe part time subbing so I can be at home most of the time, but can still help pay for the insurance I no longer have.
I'm feeling: Nothing I can't handle. A little out of breath and not sleeping great. But besides that, I can't complain.
Baby highlights from the week: He's definitely moving enough to see my belly move from the outside. It's pretty surreal. Nothing else too huge to report on.
Sleep: About time to break out the huge pregnancy pillow to see if it helps with the massive hip pain. The legs cramps have been much better this week! My midwife suggested eating some Tums before bed and someone else suggested keeping salt by your bed. Supposedly a little lick of salt will stop the cramp immediately. I haven't had one yet to test this theory.
Cravings: Just eating a ton of yogurt! And making a list of foods I can't wait to eat when this fast is over!
Currently reading: Still finishing up some sleep books, and moving onto vaccinations. Dr. Sears The Vaccine Book is first on my list.
Names: still no decision. It's starting to bug me because there are a few projects I'd love to do involving his name.
Projects: Well, I sadly have to say that I don't get to paint. It's a really long story and I'm just going to be ok with it. I have to rethink a few ideas to get some more color in his room. But the bedding is in progress. I'm leaning towards these fabric "bookshelves."

And I'm loving this mobile:

And of course, a few pics:
28 weeks, 4 days:

And 29 weeks on the dot:


Short rant post. I hate insurance. Ok, not really. I don't hate it. And I'm sure I'll miss it when I'm cut off from unit 4 here in just a few short months (thank you state of IL for all the teacher cuts). But I have wasted more time on my spring break talking to the hospital in Texas, then to, Health Alliance then back talking to the hospital. No one knows what's going on, yet we're stuck with that 2 hour visit that's costing us almost 2 grand. Help Lord.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm making my way through my massive to-do-before-baby-arrives list. It's things like get my car detailed and clean the base boards. Things that aren't crucial, but seem critical to my preggo brain at the moment. Today was getting Sophie back to her old vet, checked out, and updated on shots. I love her vet. Plug for Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Urbana. Her nurse was also pregnant and due just 5 days after me, so we just jabbered away about baby stuff for long after the appointment was over. And come to find out my vet's kids go to Robeson. Small world.

She was due for 2 shots. It's hard to watch my fur-baby get jabbed. How am I going to make it through watching my little man get them in not too many months here. So, blogger world, do you have any good resources on delayed vaccinations and making a plan? I know people fall all over the spectrum when it comes to this issue, so I just want some good resources to start deciding what we'll do. Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

28 weeks!

How far along? 28 weeks today!
I'm feeling: Preggo! And liking it! I've been asked several times by strangers when I'm due, can no longer fit into anything but maternity clothes, and am out of breath walking down to the copy room (which is only a few doors down from my classroom)
My little man can now: blink his eyes which have lashes and he weighs about 2 1/2 pounds
Baby highlights from the week: Today was our 28 week appointment. I met the new midwife, Vanessa who was super nice. My belly is measuring exactly 28 centimeters. I find it crazy it measures exactly how many weeks I am. My blood pressure is good. I drank the fabulous orange syrup/flat pop drink and got my blood drawn. I'll find out tomorrow if I'm in the clear for gestational diabetes. His heartbeat is 139 bpm and he is definitely head down! Good job buddy!
Sleep: Amazing what a difference a week can make. Sleep is harder and harder. Being out of breath, potty breaks, and major hip pain are all in full force.
Movement: It's majorly changed this week! I'm feeling him move all over my stomach and primarily on the right side. My midwife thinks he's laying in a c-shape with his body against my left side leaving his little feet to kick my right side. It's been super fun to feel him all the time!
Cravings: SUGAR. Ok, not really. We started the 3 week fast along with our church family. William's doing the full Daniel fast, so I've been having fun trying out some vegetarian recipes for our dinners. I'm doing all sugar, fast food, and no drinks except water and milk. It's amazing how much you crave something just because you know you can't have it!
Currently reading: The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, The Sleepeasy Solution
Names: no movement or discussion on this topic this week

I've gotta get through 15 more parent/teacher conferences and then it's time for spring break! YAY!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

27 weeks

27 weeks today (this is from Friday because my picture from this morning is NOT postable :)

How far along? 27 weeks
I'm feeling: Ok. Out of breath and having some weird random pains, but overall still pretty good.
Baby highlight of week: nothing too exciting. He's just growing and enjoys moving a lot after all the walks we've been having outside!
Sleep: Umm, not as fun as sleep normally is.
Cravings: Can you say girl scout cookies by the box? On Sunday, we start our 3 week church-wide fast (which we're super excited about). Since I can't do the Daniel fast most people are doing, I'm fasting sweets and sugar. It's really sad when I look at my diet how much that's really going to affect things. Especially my Eggo waffles with syrup in the mornings. Oh well, a fast is supposed to hurt a little, right?
Currently reading: The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, The Sleepeasy Solution, and for fun, Jennier Weiner's new oneBest Friends Forever
Names: This is totally just from my head. So I know William is stuck on Greyson. But I want to go back and pull out all the names that I had from the pre-pregnancy. So here's my list that I'm still working from: Andrew (Drew), Benjamin, Colton (Cole), Owen, Ryan, Rylan, Tyler. Poor kid, are you ever going to have a name?
Projects: William spent his Saturday morning and cleaned out the whole rest of the nursery. He even steamed the gross carpets and vacuumed. Thanks sweetie. :) Then, we put together all the furniture and I love it!! Here's the crib if you can ignore the white walls and no mattress yet:

Mom is coming over today to measure things for the curtains, crib skirt and bumper. I cannot wait to start pulling all my ideas together and seeing how it all works. I'm hoping the real life picture is as cute as it is in my head! Here's a few knitting patterns that are in the works as well:

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Ok, so I have so many half done projects and a blanket still waiting to be finished for a friend. But I found this pattern and just cannot NOT make it for this little guy. Maybe if I blog about it, it will actually get done.

Also, have to publicly thanking my hubby. Although he did skip out on the meeting at church this morning, I came home to the "nursery" being COMPLETELY cleaned out. Now it's ready for carpet clearning and my mom and I will paint during my spring break! Thanks sweetie!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

26 weeks

Warning, this is turning into a long one tonight. So, I remind you that some of the purpose of this blog is for his baby book (if I ever get around to making it)!

How far along? 26 weeks yesterday. We're in the double digits (96 days) until he's here!
I'm feeling: Overall, pretty good. But, whereas before, I could pretty much ignore the fact that I was pregnant. . .not anymore. I am daily more aware of my insides getting squished and my outside, well, is growing. I'm definitely more out of breath and just can't walk as fast, lift as much, or just be out doing normal life without feeling more tired.
Freak-out of the week: Monday was a pretty rough day at school. When I got home, I laid down for awhile which is usually when I feel our little guy move. When William got home, I was kinda in a panic that I hadn't felt him move all day. I pushed him around, ate some food. Nothing. More panic. I drank a couple glasses of diet coke and then jumped around. Still nothing. I decided to not call 911 :) and just take my VLI midterm. After taking that, while talking to my mom he gave me one little poke. That was it. But I have never felt such a huge rush of relief. I know that days like this will be totally normal, especially as he starts to run out of room. But I thanked God a lot that I have a baby that if born today, could possibly make it. But baby boy, don't get any ideas. You still have some cooking to do!
Baby highlight of week: We had our 26 week appointment on Tuesday. She said my belly felt great and that Baby Pool was head down (please stay that way little man). We listened to his heart which was beating once again at 140 bpm. All in all, a quick appointment that went really well. In two weeks, I go back for my gestational diabetes test. Maybe I should stop eating sugar these next 2 weeks.
Movement: Since my uterus is now 4 inches about my belly button, I'm feeling movement a little more all over my stomach. Still not all the time, but a little everyday.
Sleep: I got 3 charlie horses this week in my foot and calf while sleeping. My mom said she frequently got these in her 3rd trimester. Ouch!!
Names: I give up. Really, we just haven't talked much about names this week so I have no progress to report on.
Projects: Fabric is being ordered and we'll pick out paint this week. The furniture arrived! We just put one piece together since we still need to clean the room, carpet, paint, etc. I really love it though!

Today was so sunny and beautiful that I finally got to go for a walk! It felt so great to be outside! So, here's a quick pre-walk picture since I don't like many of my others from this week. Notice the weird shape of my belly. The top needs to round out a little more. :) Notice also, the shorter, darker hair courtesy of my sister of course!

dear friends

I have some really great friends. Really, I do. I thank God all the time that throughout the course of my life, he is constantly bringing some great women into my life. So, let me brag about my friend Michelle. She suffered sharing a classroom with me in Williamsport during my really rough first year of the church plant, juggling two jobs, planning a wedding, and my mom getting diagnosed with cancer. She's one of those amazing people that's beautiful, dressed in a perfect outfit everyday, and always has the right thing to say, and yet is SO darn likeable. :) She has become a dear friend who has the most beautiful little girl, Bella. Ok, so this week she sent me this adorable package. Ahh, I can't wait to put him in those little shoes!

And then sent me this sweet, sweet email. Just had to share a few parts:

Tomorrow, your "Days to Go" drops of into double digits!!! Can you believe Baby Pool will be here for us to love and smooch on in like 99 days!!! Let me translate this for you, 3 months - THREE MONTHS! I know your are getting SO excited to meet this little guy. You'll get to finally see what has been causing all that commotion in your belly. Soon you'll discover if he has hair, if so what color it is, if he has dimples & long eyelashes, you'll get to hear that amazingly beautiful cry, and he will look at you and know you are his momma! You'll get to know his personality, will he be a snuggle bug, a squealer, or shy? Will you be able to see yourself in his eyes or his actions? You will have an even deeper love and appreciation for William who was able to give you this most precious gift. Enjoy this time right now. Take time to relax and marvel in God's works, that He has knitted this precious baby in your womb. A baby that will bring you joy in ways that you can't even imagine.

Crying yet? Yeah, I was. Thank you Michelle first for the absolutely sweet outfit that I cannot wait for him to wear. And even more, for putting into words all the emotions that I'm feeling and can't put down on paper. Thanks for all the advice you've already dispensed and I look forward to asking you lots more questions!
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