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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday! {bath fish, caramel corn}

pinned itIt’s Pinned It, Did It Monday where I challenge myself to actually do some of the pins I pinned on Pinterest.  Not on Pinterest?  You should be!  Follow me here.  The pins are pretty simple this week as it’s been a little crazy around #1
Picture I pinned:
Source: Frugal Bath Time Fun from Mommy Savers
My pictures: Picture 247 Picture 219-001My review: Ok, duh.  I could have thought of this myself.  But I didn’t.  So props to Pinterest.  While we were at IKEA, I bought a little fish ice cube tray for $.99.  But any old ice cube tray would work.  I put food coloring in the water and froze it.  Then I dumped all of them in his bath tub.  He had fun trying to catch them and eat them.  It only last for a few minutes, but I’d say he enjoyed it and it turned his bath water a nice shade of #2I was craving something sweet.  And Owen had never seen the air popper, so this was a fun thing to do one afternoon.
Picture I Pinned:
Source: Crazy Karo Crunch from Blogging with Children 
My Pictures:Picture 237 My Review:  Great tasting caramel corn.  It was gone fast.  I’m not sure it’s the best out there, and Julie if you’re reading this, I want your official kettle corn recipe.  But overall, yummy!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Owen’s week

It’s been a CRAZY week, so thought I better document it. :)  Monday morning we were scrambling around trying to get our house ready for friends we hadn’t seen forever.  We played on our new car mat from IKEA, ran a few errands, and then stopped and played for a bit at the indoor playground.  Owen enjoyed his sandwich shaped like a truck.Picture 218-001Picture 199Picture 197-002Monday late afternoon, our visitors arrived from Tennessee!!  Becky and her 3 kiddos made the daunting drive by themselves to see us (along with a few other friends).  It was so great to see them as we hadn’t even met Emerson yet.  Ellie was born on Emerson’s first birthday, so they’re birthday buds.  Aww, how cute!  Her poor little guy, Liam had started to get sick on their trip so we all just crossed our fingers that the sickness wouldn’t travel to anyone else.  Caed impressed William with a new architecture-like game on his iPad.  Picture 221-002 Becky decided to cut out early Tuesday morning because Liam still wasn’t feeling great at all.  So we headed to the library for our weekly Tuesday Two’s story time.  On the way, we ran into BoRics to get Owen’s hair cut.  The poor gal butchered his hair.  Not sure you can tell in this picture, but it’s uneven everywhere.  I mean, I know he was squirmy. . .but it’s bad. Oh well, at least it grows fast.Picture 224-001 When Owen was feeling well on Wednesday, we thought we were in the clear!  We played outside and got all hot and sweaty and enjoyed some popsicles.Picture 197-001Ellie enjoyed the toy show.  She loves watching her big brother.Picture 220-001 Thursday morning, Owen was a happy little guy.  We went to our last Beth Moore bible study and he did great in childcare.Picture 226 Picture 229 But then it hit.  Like the plague.  After dinner, I was getting Ellie to sleep for her pre-bedtime nap and I heard William yell “if you’re free I could use some help.”  I came down and saw vomit everywhere.  On the couch, floor, and a trail to the bathroom.  Owen has NEVER been sick like this.  Wow does it break your heart to see them get sick.  He had no idea what was going on.  He just kept saying “I puke.”  Poor little guy.  We bathed him and cuddled him while watching a movie.  And I made the rookie mistake of giving him a cracker and some water.  And then it all came back up.  Another bath.

William finally got him to sleep.  2 hours later, we were stripping the bed and his clothes once again.  He ended up sleeping with me and had no more incidents the rest of the night (or since for that matter).  He seemed to be pretty much back to himself the next morning.Picture 243He's been his happy self ever since, just a little tired. But man I sure hope that he stays as healthy as he has been in the past.  Watching your little person throw up makes you feel pretty helpless.  And yes, it makes me so thankful that this is as bad as it’s been for us.  I know many mommies deal with much more serious things with their kids! 

preschool fun

I’m pretty excited for this year as Owen is getting old enough to start doing some preschool-type activities with him.  Through Pinterest, I found this amazing website of ideas.  It’s called Engaging Toddler Activities.  Now I’ll warn you that it might make you feel like a bad mom.  At least it did to me.  This lady does stuff with her kid all.the.time.  Does she ever take a nap, or let her kid watch TV?  Not sure. . .but there are tons of great ideas and printables.  So focus on that.  So I whipped up this quick one during naptime.  And when he got up, we played with it.  For about 5 minutes.  And then he moved on.
I found a color wheel picture on Google.  Printed it off and laminated it with this stuff.Picture 230That is one thing I really miss about teaching.  The laminator.  I may have to buy a small one if I ever decide to home school.  Anyways, then I took 6 clothespins and colored them the matching colors.Picture 231 The goal was for him to match the clothespins with the color.  It was pretty easy for Owen as he knows his colors well.  But he had a hard time pinching the clothespins so we’ll get it out again for that fine motor practice.Picture 232 Then, we went around and found cards that were the right colors.  He found this part a bit more up his alley. :)Picture 233 Picture 234 blog-signature-1

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 3 Months!

IMG_7301Well, just a week late. :)  The post was done, I just needed to take her pictures.  Happy 3 months of life Ellison Jakeh!

At her vaccination appointment last week, I had the nurse weigh her.  She was at 14 pounds even and while I think she’s huge, she’s a full 1lb, 6 oz LESS than Owen was at his 3 month appointment.  But she’s growing fast!  She’s quickly filling out her 3-6 month clothing which is sad because she has SO many cute outfits for this age.  She could wear a couple each day and still might not get them all in before we move up a size.

Her head control is awesome. She rarely loses control of it now. She gets tired after awhile in her Bumbo, but likes to sit and be part of the action.   She likes to "stand up" with help of course. But those legs are getting stronger.   She given us a couple full on laughs and is much quicker to smile than Owen ever was.  She’s found her hands and often stares at them like “what are these things?”

Tidbits about Ellison
I have never seen so many huge boogers come out of a child.  Seriously every morning I have to suction this girl’s nose and I get things out of there that really gross me out.  She’s a heavy breather even with her nose all cleaned out.  She drools all the time, which is so different than Owen who rarely drooled or spit up.  But oh those smiles melt my heart.  She loves her brother and keeps a close eye on wherever he is in the room.

She’s down to 3 naps a day on average which is really nice.  She’ll do a short one in the morning for about 30-45 minutes.  Then after lunch, she’ll nap from 1-4ish.  I usually have to nurse her once during this time, but she goes right back to sleep.  Then she’ll take another short nap in the evening and be down for the night at 9.  She’s consistently waking up around 1am and 4am, but again goes right back to sleep!  Needless to say, I think we have a better sleeper on our hands than Owen.  Woohoo!

She’s an awesome nurser and is pretty good at staying latched on even when Owen is making a racket.  She still won’t take a pacifier and I really should try a bottle with her.  I’ve just been lazy and haven’t wanted to pump but I may have missed the window already for her taking a bottle from someone.

Other things that have happened:
  • She got her 3rd shot (DTaP).  Her nurse but she still turned beet red and screamed really good.  A little nursing calmed her right down though.
  • We took out the 14 lb newborn insert in her car seat.
  • She loves to pull up her shirt or dress or whatever she’s wearing.
  • She loves holding onto a blanket of any kind and then rubbing it on her face.
  • We’re finding the toys that get her really excited.  Her little doll makes her kick her legs really fast!
  • We took out the newborn insert in her bathtub and she seems to like the extra room.  
And of course some pictures:
Picture 166
still not sure what color those eyes are going to end up
Picture 224
I think it's that way
Picture 225
what do you mean, more pictures?
Picture 195
I love my outfit from Angie!
IMG_7284IMG_7311 IMG_7291
IMG_7311Love you so much little girl!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{house tour} – Owen’s room

Finally, Owen’s room is done.  I was just being lazy and finally got everything hung up while he was gone at my parents.  I tried to reuse many of the things from his nursery.  My mom made most of the the things, so they’re pretty special to me.

You walk in and see he picture from his first birthday party.  Everyone signed the photo mat.  I don’t think I want to change this picture, even as he gets older.IMG_7251My mom made this little flag bunting using all the fabrics in the room:IMG_7252This little cubby is from Target and helps curb his massive book collection.  The blue tubs holds recently loved books or the library books we have for the week.IMG_7253I don’t have a duvet or bedspread for him yet.  He HATES covers and always yells if I try to cover him up.  So my mom and I are trying to find the right inspiration to get one made in this next year, but it’s not pressing.  He does sleep with a safety rail on his bed, but I took it off for this picture. :)IMG_7254Nothing huge in this picture, but I did rehang his nursery mobile above his bed and those are the simple “curtains” my mom made.  IMG_7249 We got all his furniture, the bed, dresser, and nightstand (which is just in his closet for right now) from Amazon. IMG_7256Above his dresser is a frame I found at a garage sale for $.25.  I spray painted it orange.  I’m going to hang a couple clothes pins in there and rotate out current art work he’s done.IMG_7264 The book pockets are also made my my mom.  I love that the books are at his height and he uses them a lot!  There are usually more toys scattered on the floor as well, but it was clean for a short few days while he was gone. :)  The little orange rug is originally from IKEA, but they don’t sell it anymore so I got it cheap on eBay.IMG_7263 I put the pictures in sequential order, so it’s kind of like a short timeline of his life. IMG_7250 And that’s it.  It’s simple, yet I love the pops of orange.

painting a stripe

Awhile back, we painted Owen’s room a basic neutral color.  But I decided I wanted to add a little zing to his room just using one stripe.  I looked at tons of tutorials on painting stripes and kinda meshed them all together.  First paint your base color and let it dry for a day or two.IMG_0971Then, tape off the stripe or stripes you want on your wall.  We used a laser level to help get the lines straight.IMG_0974 Then, here’s the trick.  Go OVER the tape lines with your base color, in our case the tan color.  Let this dry thoroughly.  Why do this, you ask?  Because this creates a seal with the tape.  If any paint got under the tape, it’s the same as the wall color so it doesn’t matter.IMG_0993Then, paint your stripe!  It took us 2 good coats of orange to get the coverage we needed.IMG_0981While the second coat is still DAMP, peel off the tape.  This will prevent the tape from peeling up any paint.IMG_0997 Enjoy your nice crisp line (or lines).  Ignore the slight discoloration of the orange in this picture as the paint was still drying.IMG_0998
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