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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday!

pinned it Welcome back to Pinned it, Did it!  A reminder, that every Monday I hold myself accountable for actually doing something I pinned on Pinterest.  I’ve actually got 2 pins again for you again this week. pin #1This week’s first pin is a sewing one, so sorry if this doesn’t help you out in the least if you don’t sew.  Well, unless you want me to make you one.  Anne asked me about a year ago (ok I exaggerate, but months) to make her some hooded towels for Alex and Ben.  Ellie’s finally giving me enough time at afternoon nap to get a little sewing done.  :)
Picture I pinned:
Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Hooded Towel Tutorial
Source: Hooded Towel Tutorial from Sew Kind of Wonderful
My picture:IMG_7110My review: This was GREAT tutorial.  It was very simple to follow with pictures of every step.  All it takes is one large towel and hand towel for the hood.  I didn’t take great close up pics, but I was very happy with how the dart looks in the back.  I put their initials on to resemble hero capes.  I hope A&B like them Anne! pin #2The second pin is of a new crochet pattern I found.  Again, useless for some of you. :)
Picture I Pinned: Source: Button Flap Beanie from Alli Crafts
My Pictures: photo-001 photo-002 Review: While I feel pretty confident in my knitting, I’ve been challenging myself and dappling in some crochet patterns lately.  For those of you who know nothing about yarn arts, YES, knitting and crochet are very different.  But this is a very well written pattern even for a beginner crocheter like me.  And I learned a couple new stitches.  Love this little hat for Ellie for the fall!

And I leave you with some funny ecards that were floating around Pinterest last week:250824_10150969433804710_1934931979_n 219972763019939959_ExS0btYm_f



  1. Love both.... and will take four of each! ;) I made zucchini brownies that I pinned months ago. You're so inspiring! And that first ecard is very me, don't you think?!

  2. They live them and so do I. We got lots of "oh that's so cute!" with our first use of them at the pool yesterday.

  3. Impressive!! Love both pins and the cards! Girl after my own heart!
    My mom has made our little love hooded towels but you've inspired me to add an applique. If I only know a simple crochet chain stitch, do you think I would be able to make the hat?
    Can't wait to see what is to come!

    1. Faye- I'm not sure you'd be able to tackle the ht with just that one stitch under your belt. But maybe because there are tons of good video tutorials out there. The main stitches you'd need are magic ring cast on, double crotchets, and the new one I learned called front post / back post double crochet.


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