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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Owen’s week

It’s been a CRAZY week, so thought I better document it. :)  Monday morning we were scrambling around trying to get our house ready for friends we hadn’t seen forever.  We played on our new car mat from IKEA, ran a few errands, and then stopped and played for a bit at the indoor playground.  Owen enjoyed his sandwich shaped like a truck.Picture 218-001Picture 199Picture 197-002Monday late afternoon, our visitors arrived from Tennessee!!  Becky and her 3 kiddos made the daunting drive by themselves to see us (along with a few other friends).  It was so great to see them as we hadn’t even met Emerson yet.  Ellie was born on Emerson’s first birthday, so they’re birthday buds.  Aww, how cute!  Her poor little guy, Liam had started to get sick on their trip so we all just crossed our fingers that the sickness wouldn’t travel to anyone else.  Caed impressed William with a new architecture-like game on his iPad.  Picture 221-002 Becky decided to cut out early Tuesday morning because Liam still wasn’t feeling great at all.  So we headed to the library for our weekly Tuesday Two’s story time.  On the way, we ran into BoRics to get Owen’s hair cut.  The poor gal butchered his hair.  Not sure you can tell in this picture, but it’s uneven everywhere.  I mean, I know he was squirmy. . .but it’s bad. Oh well, at least it grows fast.Picture 224-001 When Owen was feeling well on Wednesday, we thought we were in the clear!  We played outside and got all hot and sweaty and enjoyed some popsicles.Picture 197-001Ellie enjoyed the toy show.  She loves watching her big brother.Picture 220-001 Thursday morning, Owen was a happy little guy.  We went to our last Beth Moore bible study and he did great in childcare.Picture 226 Picture 229 But then it hit.  Like the plague.  After dinner, I was getting Ellie to sleep for her pre-bedtime nap and I heard William yell “if you’re free I could use some help.”  I came down and saw vomit everywhere.  On the couch, floor, and a trail to the bathroom.  Owen has NEVER been sick like this.  Wow does it break your heart to see them get sick.  He had no idea what was going on.  He just kept saying “I puke.”  Poor little guy.  We bathed him and cuddled him while watching a movie.  And I made the rookie mistake of giving him a cracker and some water.  And then it all came back up.  Another bath.

William finally got him to sleep.  2 hours later, we were stripping the bed and his clothes once again.  He ended up sleeping with me and had no more incidents the rest of the night (or since for that matter).  He seemed to be pretty much back to himself the next morning.Picture 243He's been his happy self ever since, just a little tired. But man I sure hope that he stays as healthy as he has been in the past.  Watching your little person throw up makes you feel pretty helpless.  And yes, it makes me so thankful that this is as bad as it’s been for us.  I know many mommies deal with much more serious things with their kids! 

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  1. SO Jealous of you seeing Becky and her kiddos!!! One day I'll see them (and you) again!!! :)


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