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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 3 Months!

IMG_7301Well, just a week late. :)  The post was done, I just needed to take her pictures.  Happy 3 months of life Ellison Jakeh!

At her vaccination appointment last week, I had the nurse weigh her.  She was at 14 pounds even and while I think she’s huge, she’s a full 1lb, 6 oz LESS than Owen was at his 3 month appointment.  But she’s growing fast!  She’s quickly filling out her 3-6 month clothing which is sad because she has SO many cute outfits for this age.  She could wear a couple each day and still might not get them all in before we move up a size.

Her head control is awesome. She rarely loses control of it now. She gets tired after awhile in her Bumbo, but likes to sit and be part of the action.   She likes to "stand up" with help of course. But those legs are getting stronger.   She given us a couple full on laughs and is much quicker to smile than Owen ever was.  She’s found her hands and often stares at them like “what are these things?”

Tidbits about Ellison
I have never seen so many huge boogers come out of a child.  Seriously every morning I have to suction this girl’s nose and I get things out of there that really gross me out.  She’s a heavy breather even with her nose all cleaned out.  She drools all the time, which is so different than Owen who rarely drooled or spit up.  But oh those smiles melt my heart.  She loves her brother and keeps a close eye on wherever he is in the room.

She’s down to 3 naps a day on average which is really nice.  She’ll do a short one in the morning for about 30-45 minutes.  Then after lunch, she’ll nap from 1-4ish.  I usually have to nurse her once during this time, but she goes right back to sleep.  Then she’ll take another short nap in the evening and be down for the night at 9.  She’s consistently waking up around 1am and 4am, but again goes right back to sleep!  Needless to say, I think we have a better sleeper on our hands than Owen.  Woohoo!

She’s an awesome nurser and is pretty good at staying latched on even when Owen is making a racket.  She still won’t take a pacifier and I really should try a bottle with her.  I’ve just been lazy and haven’t wanted to pump but I may have missed the window already for her taking a bottle from someone.

Other things that have happened:
  • She got her 3rd shot (DTaP).  Her nurse but she still turned beet red and screamed really good.  A little nursing calmed her right down though.
  • We took out the 14 lb newborn insert in her car seat.
  • She loves to pull up her shirt or dress or whatever she’s wearing.
  • She loves holding onto a blanket of any kind and then rubbing it on her face.
  • We’re finding the toys that get her really excited.  Her little doll makes her kick her legs really fast!
  • We took out the newborn insert in her bathtub and she seems to like the extra room.  
And of course some pictures:
Picture 166
still not sure what color those eyes are going to end up
Picture 224
I think it's that way
Picture 225
what do you mean, more pictures?
Picture 195
I love my outfit from Angie!
IMG_7284IMG_7311 IMG_7291
IMG_7311Love you so much little girl!!

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