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Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday

pinned it This week didn’t give me a lot of crafting time, so for my Pinned It, Did It Monday, I’m bringing you a completely Pinterest inspired meal.  My mom came on Friday to spend a little time with me the grandkids, so I decided I should cook something nice!   The menu included a roast, potatoes, bread, and dessert.  (ok, and green beans but those weren’t a recipe). Picture 201 pin #1Picture I pinned:
Source: Crock Pot Diet Coke Roast from Frugal Franny
My picturesPicture 189My review: This was an "official" recipe that was similar to the great roast Melissa brought us after Ellie was born. It was amazing! I mean, it has diet coke in it, how can it not be fabulous. :) But really, basically 4 main ingredients and it just cooks all day without heating up my house. The meat was super tender and fell apart as it should  This will be on my menu again very soon! pin #2Picture I pinned:
Source: Parmesan Roasted Potatoes from Chicho’s Kitchen  
My picture:Picture 199My review:  Fabulous!  It’s a very simple recipe with parmesan, garlic powder, and paprika.  But a fun different way to change up 3 Dessert time. I had seen this picture floating around and it looked amazing. Cheesecake and caramel are two of my favorite things, so I had to try it.  It required a can of dulche de leche, which I could not find at Walmart.  There was no way I was running to another store for one ingredient, so I found another pin to make a can of it. Source: Crockpot Dulche de Leche from Mangio da Sola
My picture:  Oops, forgot to take a picture of this step.
My review:  All you had to do was put a can of sweetened condensed milk in a crockpot with water overnight.  It turned out out ok, but I think I may have overcooked it a bit.  But it still tasted great in the recipe which is below.

Source: Salted Caramel Dulche de Leche Cheesecake Bars from Made with Pink
My pictures:  
Picture 197
Owen approved.  And yes, there's raw eggs in that batter. :)
Picture 202 Picture 206My review:  So my version looks like something that should be on Pintester.  (you should check out her funny site if you never have).  It definitely wasn't very pretty.  But man was it delicious!!  It got rave reviews all around.  But to be honest, this probably won't get made again in my kitchen.  For the steps and time it took, the cost for the ingredients, and the amount of calories in it, it probably wasn't worth it.  But I have enjoyed finishing it off. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Loved it!! Thanks for the great recipe! :)

  2. I did these potatoes last night. Fabulous and super easy!!!


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