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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Weekend Without Owen

So I’ve been a slacker blogger this past week because we were getting ready for a big weekend!  This past Thursday afternoon, I drove Owen to meet my parents in Bloomington.  And then I drove home. . .without him!  They kept him from Thursday until today for a Big Brother weekend.  We timed it to fall on our anniversary so we could have a little fun (you have dirty minds if that’s where you went first) without our little man.

Our anniversary present to ourselves was getting a little painting done.  Now in the past, we have always done our own painting.  But I’m scared to say that we may never go back.  Haha.  One of my roommates in college’s husband (Mark) does painting on the side and let me tell you, call him if you need something done.  AMAZING work.  Perfect cutting in.  Quick and very competitive price.  Seriously good stuff.

Anywhooo, he came Friday morning so Ellie and spent all morning running errands.  Holy cow that’s easy to do with just one kid.  Isn’t that amazing how time and perspective will change ya.  We got back and here’s a little preview of what was done:Picture 232I spent the entire afternoon hanging out with Ellie and crafting.  It was some glorious time I tell you.  Friday night, William went to help some friends move, so I just went right on crafting.  Got all kinds of fun stuff done.

Saturday morning, we got on the road early to head to IKEA.  My parents needed a few things for church and their house, so we decided just to get out of  Mark’s way and have a fun little road trip.   We spent a little over 4 hours there, just dreaming of what we'd buy with unlimited budgets, eating lunch, and picking out a few fun things for Owen.   Ellie did awesome and enjoyed her first trip to IKEA.  Picture 237Today, we drove over for church and to pick up our little man.  We missed him terribly, but as you’ll see by these pictures  my parents sent, he didn’t miss us a bit!  Thanks so much Mom and Dad for a fabulous, toddler free weekend.
Picture 231
he ate this entire container of raspberries
Picture 245
Grandma gives me 2 popsicles!
Picture 246
lining up the cars with Grandpa
Picture 244
really - he was enjoying Grandpa's panckes 

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