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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{house tour} – Owen’s room

Finally, Owen’s room is done.  I was just being lazy and finally got everything hung up while he was gone at my parents.  I tried to reuse many of the things from his nursery.  My mom made most of the the things, so they’re pretty special to me.

You walk in and see he picture from his first birthday party.  Everyone signed the photo mat.  I don’t think I want to change this picture, even as he gets older.IMG_7251My mom made this little flag bunting using all the fabrics in the room:IMG_7252This little cubby is from Target and helps curb his massive book collection.  The blue tubs holds recently loved books or the library books we have for the week.IMG_7253I don’t have a duvet or bedspread for him yet.  He HATES covers and always yells if I try to cover him up.  So my mom and I are trying to find the right inspiration to get one made in this next year, but it’s not pressing.  He does sleep with a safety rail on his bed, but I took it off for this picture. :)IMG_7254Nothing huge in this picture, but I did rehang his nursery mobile above his bed and those are the simple “curtains” my mom made.  IMG_7249 We got all his furniture, the bed, dresser, and nightstand (which is just in his closet for right now) from Amazon. IMG_7256Above his dresser is a frame I found at a garage sale for $.25.  I spray painted it orange.  I’m going to hang a couple clothes pins in there and rotate out current art work he’s done.IMG_7264 The book pockets are also made my my mom.  I love that the books are at his height and he uses them a lot!  There are usually more toys scattered on the floor as well, but it was clean for a short few days while he was gone. :)  The little orange rug is originally from IKEA, but they don’t sell it anymore so I got it cheap on eBay.IMG_7263 I put the pictures in sequential order, so it’s kind of like a short timeline of his life. IMG_7250 And that’s it.  It’s simple, yet I love the pops of orange.


  1. Emily, you are AMAZING! I look forward to being back in a house I can decorate so that I can look up all the fun stuff you've done on your blog. ;)


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