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Friday, July 6, 2012

Children’s Museum!

Late Wednesday evening I got a text from Aubrey asking if we wanted to venture on a road trip to Bloomington the next morning. While I have been to the Children's Discovery Museum several times with classes I've taught, I've never taken Owen there.  We ended up having a really large group with six adults and eight kids.  We played all morning and then did Noodles & Company for lunch.
If you've never taken your kid here, you need to. We could easily spend the entire day there. The first floor (there are 3) is an awesome toddler/younger kiddo space. There's play forts to climb on.  The water table area is like Owen’s water table on steroids. There is an grocery shopping area, pizza “cooking” station, a delivery truck to ride on, and a place with you can pretend to be a dentist or doctor. IMG_7122IMG_7116 And of course Owen’s favorite area was the car table and the big train area!
IMG_7129IMG_7115On the second floor is Owen’s 2nd favorite area.  There is a huge agriculture section.  When he saw the cows, he literally ran off the elevator.  There's two big tractors to climb and a place to “grind” grain.  There’s a huge two story climber of course always a little too small for him to do right now.
IMG_7134Picture 052IMG_7140IMG_7136IMG_7145Also on the 2nd floor is an area to learn about the wind.  You can put balls and scarves in these tunnels and the “wind” going through them makes the balls fly through the tunnel.  Owen loved it!Picture 054IMG_7143On the third floor there's a painting room and lots of places where they can discover things about music .  There’s a stage where they can put on a play or puppet show.
IMG_7151 If we lived in Bloomington, we would absolutely have a season pass to this place. We'll be going back soon with William so that he can check out all the great stuff too!

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