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Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Pool FAQ

The word has started to leak. So here are some answers to the common questions I've been getting:

1. When are you due?
June 9th or 10th (depending on which person you talk to)

2. How have you been feeling?
It could be worse. That's what I keep telling myself. When pregnant people told me they were tired, I would scoff. I've stayed up all night, I know what tired feels like. I HAD NO IDEA. I'm exhausted like I never thought possible. The last 10 weeks have been spent feeling very nauseous all day. The puking hour seems to be between 5 and bedtime. Morning sickness my butt.

But I will say that now as I'm entering the 2nd trimester, things are starting to get a little better. Food isn't looking quite so gross to me and I'm not quite as nauseous as I was three weeks ago.

3. Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl?
William has been adamantly opposed to this from the beginning of even talking about kids. But I think I have him convinced. We'll be finding out in January!

4. Any feeling on which one it will be?
For some reason, we both are thinking blue.

5. Having any cravings?
I've mostly been avoiding food so far. Nothing sounds good. Oh to have this relationship with food all the time. :) But I have been drinking orange juice by the gallons. And lots of carrots. This baby must like orange foods.

God's Pretty Cool

Ok, let me just preface that I have not talked to this friend in a really long time. Over a year at least. She just randomly sent me this message today. I just had to smile. Even though it might not all come true, I love that God can use other people just to send words of encouragement. Here's what she wrote:

I know this email is pretty random, but I had a dream the other night that I just can't seem to shake, so I figure that maybe I should just tell you about it. Long story short... I saw you pushing a baby carriage with a brand new baby in it. I don't remember where you were, but you were so happy. Then the dream fast forwarded (or something) and you were introducing me to a little girl (who was probably 3 yrs old)... your daughter. She was so cute and you were so in love with her. I remember that she had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes... beautiful. You were so happy and proud of her. I'm pretty sure that the little girl would have been your first child and the baby was your second.

I haven't seen or talked to you in forever, but I think this dream was bigger than just being a dream. I'm not sure where you are with the whole baby making "process", but stay encouraged no matter what.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goodbye Basement!

My parents have been so wonderful to let us stay with them while we're trying to figure out what do with our lives. But the time has come as Sophie has outstayed her welcome. :) I know, I know how can you not love this face? But somehow, I'm the only Hoerr that got the pet gene.

So onto the good news. William has a job! YAY! This has been a long time coming, but we so thankful none the less. He doesn't start getting paid until January, but has been working for this guy for about 6 weeks just to try it out. During this process, we learned that his boss had a condo that has been sitting empty just waiting for a great young couple to come rent it. Ok, not really. It's in a neighborhood where the median age is about 70 and renting is greatly frowned upon. But God gave us favor with the home owners association board and we were approved to rent it! The best thing is that it's free for us until January and then after that, it's a greatly reduced rent! While it's not my adorable little house on Fiddlesticks, it's not the basement! Since we really don't know what we're going to do with our lives after I'm done with VLI, it seemed foolish to buy something right now. So this is just perfect. We're still in SW Champaign so close to both of our jobs and close to the future grandparents.

A big shout out to my brothers who helped moved everything on their break. Note to self: always move while your pregnant. You won't have to lift a thing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


With our big family get togethers, there's always the anticipation of someone making an announcement. Weddings and babies are pretty common in our huge fam. My creative juices were really lacking for this one, but I definitely wanted to do something at our turkey day celebration today. So I made this card for my Grandma and Grandpa. When she opened it, she did a perfect lead in. She got everyone quiet and then said, "I'm no pregnant." And then I finished with "but I am." It couldn't have worked out any better. There were a few tears and lots of hugs. I know that this baby is here due to the many prayers my awesome family have prayed over the last 2 years. I'm so excited that we're actually starting to let the world know! We are so thankful that this baby is getting born into a legacy of people who love Jesus.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


I know a lot of people are disgusted that there is Christmas stuff out everywhere and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. And I do think that Thanksgiving deserves it's due credit. But I couldn't stop smiling today as I was out and about running errands today. Maybe it was because I stopped to browse through the baby section at Target, but I think it was more because of the holiday music that has begun playing. And the Salvation Army bell ringers are out. And the Christmas lights that have started to pop up everywhere. I just love Christmas. I love the feelings and all the great memories this time of year conjures up in my head.

Each year, my family goes around the circle and shares the good/bad things from the year and the things we're looking forward to ahead in the new year. I am so thankful that this Christmas we get to say that we're going to get our world rocked in June. It's been a long 2 years that I've been waiting to say that!

Bring on the snow, the shrimp and cherry ginger ale at Grandma's, the fondue dinner with the fam, making fun of the tree my dad picks out, and all the other wonderful things that await us in this next month.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

and it's growing!

Right after school today, we headed down for our 2nd chance to see our little bean. I'm pretty much still living in fear that something is not going to be right with this little person, so I was so glad for the chance to check on things. Most people don't get these early of chances to see their little ones, so I'm so very thankful!

We went right to the ultrasound techs and saw these amazing little images. Baby Pool is just about an inch, but has arms, legs, and a beating heart!

We also got a video! Check out the small moments and the heartbeat!

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