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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday

pinned itIf you’re like me, since the invention of Pinterest, I’ve wasted spent hours on that site gathering ideas that are supposed to make my cooking better, my kids smarter, my closet more put together, and my crafting cuter.  I’ve been striving to find the balance of using Pinterest.  On way one I feel like a slug and feeling bad for myself while looking at all these “perfect” things you can find on that site.  And on the other hand, I DO find tons of great ideas.

So I’m introducing my new Monday blog feature, Pinned it, Did it!  I want a way to be accountable for actually doing some of the things I pin each week instead of just wasting time pinning them.  On Mondays I’ll try and post one thing that I did that week from Pinterest.  It might be a recipe I’ve tried, a new crafty project that I completed,  a cleaning tip I tried, a cute quote that made me laugh, or something fun I did with Owen.  Today, I’ll start with 2 things to get rolling.  pin #1The first is a tip I found about selecting watermelons.  My first 2 melons I bought this season were just ok, so I thought these tips were good ones to implement.
Picture I pinned: Source: Watermelon Picking Tips from Fifteen Spatulas
Review of the tip: I totally forgot to take a picture of the watermelon I bought, but it was delicious!  So I give this tip a huge thumbs up.  There were tons of great tips on buying and cutting a watermelon.  Don’t forget to read down in the comments section, because there were more tips down there!
pin #2 The second pin I actually did this week was a fabulous bread recipe!
Picture I pinned:
Crusty Bread
Source: Crusty Bread from Simply So Good
My pictures:
add water and that's it!
I did everything in my kitchen aid
after rising for 18 hours
and after baking!
Review: This was fabulous!  A great, basic bread that looks beautiful and tastes great.  And no bread maker needed.  Although you have to think a bit ahead because it needs to sit for 12-18 hours before baking, I will definitely make it again.  Can’t wait to experiment with adding in some yummy mixings!

So that’s in for Pinned It, Did It!  If you do anything from Pinterest, I’d love for you to take a picture and send it to me.  I’ll feature it.  I love finding pins that actually make my life better in some way when we actually do them. :)


  1. This is a great idea for a regular blog post! I have a post of my own in the works on my meal planning endeavor, thanks to pinterest :) I was waiting until the one month mark and I'm almost there! There is definitely a balance in "managing" pinterest!

  2. I haven't yet joined Pinterest for this very reason.. Although I do feel like I'm missing out big time. ;)


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