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Monday, June 18, 2012

Maggie is 1!

Last Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Danville to help Maggie celebrate her first birthday.  We hoped Owen wouldn’t be confused as we had made a big deal that that day was also his birthday. :)  Summer asked me to help with a few of the decorations, which was so fun to do!  Her theme was butterflies, with a great mix of colors.  Some of these pictures were stolen from Summer (via Jessica). :)
maggie 6
labels for the drinks, crafts, and favors
maggie 2
front door sign
there was a happy birthday part too that was blown behind the curtain
maggie 4
I made her shirt and headband
maggie 5
better view of her headband
maggie 3
Owen enjoyed their swing
the birthday girl and her momma
Owen loved the bubbles
of course, Ellie needed a bow to match the them
And as seen in this video, Owen doesn't like getting a ton of help these days!
Happy birthday Maggie! We love you! blog-signature-1

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