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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 months!

IMG_7068Ellison Jakeh is 2 months old.  Ok, and a week, but I kept forgetting to post this.  The weeks are flying, yet at the same time it feels like she’s been here forever!
She growing good, that’s for sure.  I’ve packed away all the newborn and 0-3 clothes and her 3-6 months clothing fits great.  She’s also in size 2 diapers already.  At the doctor, she’s weighing in at 12 lbs, 6 oz (87th percentile)  and is 23.1 inches tall (80th percentile).  I thought these sounded huge, but looking back at Owen’s stats, she’s smaller in both ways than he was.   She got 2 shots, Pc and Hib at her well-baby appointment.  Dr. Melvin was fully on board with our delayed/refusal schedule. It just means I have to take her in every month instead of every other, which is harder with 2 kids, but worth it to me. IMG_1764Schedule
We’re definitely not on any definite time schedule yet, but she’s falling into a predictable routine that is somewhat helpful for planning our days.  She’s usually up for good at 7, eats, and is back down by 9.  And by down I mean in her swing.  That’s where she does almost all her naps.  I swore I would put her in her crib from day one.  Hahaha, eating my words.  Up by 10:30, eats, plays, down again around 12/12:30 just in time for me to Owen down.  She usually sleep for a good 3 hour chunk with maybe a quick wake to eat.  Love this as I can finally get something done take a nap.  Then we’re up again around 3.  Short cap nap around 5 or 6 and then it’s screaming for the rest of the night until bedtime around 10.  I will say that towards the end of this month, this has been getting better.  Looking forward to more wake time during the day which means earlier bedtime and me time again!  IMG_2054Sleeping:
Well, as you can see above in our schedule, she’s right on “track” with what her sleep should be looking like with about 4 naps a day.  Again, thank goodness for the swing.  I’ve been pretty lazy about swaddling her, so she’s turned into a side or stomach sleeper.  This would have scared me to death with Owen, but hey, if she’s sleeping good and I have my video monitor, I’m not as worried.  At night, she’s still snuggling in bed with me and has been giving me a 5 hour chunk at the beginning of the night!  And usually only nursing twice.  You go girl.    IMG_2110Feeding
What, you mean she’s not supposed to be eating solids in her highchair yet?  Just kidding.  She’s a great nurser.  And she should be great at it, since she does it ALL THE TIME.  She’s still refusing anything that resembles a pacifier unless it’s my boob.   And since she’s really fussy in the evenings, she’s nurses pretty much all evening until she’s out for bedtime.  While I do love nursing, I look forward to having some me-time back eventually.
Where did all the poop go?  Owen’s pooped slowed down around this time too.  It’s nice to be able to look back at blogs about him to know that it's ok!   I was so worried about his little system.  With her, I’m just enjoying the every other day blow out and try to help her out by doing bicycle and tummy time legs to get the gas out. IMG_1942 Little milestones
She's moving her head to follow sounds and people and she'll follow me with her eyes and head around the room.  She's reaching out to grab things with both hands and is enjoying her activity mat more.  She also is getting interested in watching toys that you hold up for her.  She’s smiling!   Lots!  So adorable.  I hope she keeps it up as it’s fun to get a different reaction than just a stare or frown.  Just staring to hear some cooing and other sweet noises from her! IMG_2031 More about Ellie
I’m still not sure what color her eyes are going to be.  They definitely look more blue than Owen’s ever did but still need a bit more time for us to say for sure.  She ALWAYS has bubbles and drool coming out of her mouth.  And she’s much more of a puker.  Owen never did this, so it’s strange always having to keep a burp rag handy.  We also call her squeaks, because this girl is LOUD!  Her nose always sounds like it’s stuffed up, even after the booger sucker has helped.  And there’s no being discrete about nursing, because she slurps and snorts while eating. :)

I had my post partum check up with Ellen  It was great to see her again.  I took her a birth announcement and a little Starbucks giftcard since she has to stay up all night when she’s on call. :)   I got a prescription for the mini pill which is what I did after Owen.  Still haven’t decided when and if I’m going to start it.  We are losing our insurance next month (a long story for another post) so I really can’t get pregnant.  Although with the amount this girl is nursing, I think it’s be pretty hard to do that right now!
Here's a few more pictures of my darling girl:IMG_2063 IMG_2074-002IMG_7023 IMG_7032 IMG_7049 IMG_7065 I love you so much sweet girl.  It feels like you’ve always been a part of this family and I can’t wait to do more life with you!

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