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Monday, June 4, 2012

“Pageant Mom”

That’s what my sister called me after I texted her this picture:IMG_1829 So here’s my confession.  Yes, I painted my 6 week old’s toes.  I am that mom.  I had to add a small item to my Amazon order last week to get free shipping (ordering a few last minute things for Owen’s bday).  I had read decent reviews of this baby-safe nail polish called Piggy Paint.  It’s water based and non-toxic.  I love their tagline “natural as mud.”  I only painted her toes in case she finds a way to get her hands in her mouth.  It definitely only lasts a couple days but that’s great since I wouldn’t want to use polish remover.
I had to promise my sister I will never be a pageant mom.  I just love me some painted toes.IMG_1832Photobucket

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