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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Feature

pinned it friday featureLast Monday, I posted my first Pinned It Did It! And today I have my first Friday Feature (where you email me fun stuff you've done from Pinterest and I blog about it).  Today, I’m featuring a friend most of you don’t know.
Meet Faye.  We went to Illinois State together where we met in our Early Childhood Education classes.  The last 2 years in this major, almost all of our classes were with the same group of people.  Along with her sweet twin sister, Emily we all got to know each other very well.  We even did some group projects together (side note,  whatever happened to Stacey?)  Faye’s a perfectionist like me, so those worked out fabulously.
These days, she’s got an adorable family and is mommy to a sweet little guy who’s 15 months.  She also makes some amazing creations on Etsy.  Check out her Mouth Watering Wednesday post where she cooks up a Pinterest recipe for crock pot Barbeque Chicken.  It’s on my list to try!  Thanks Faye!  I couldn't agree more that if we lived closer, we’d DEFINTIELY be close friends. :)blog-signature-1

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