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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Big Brother class

This morning, Owen and I went to Carle for a big brother class.  Another family from church was there too so it was fun to sit with them.  Even though Owen’s been through this before, this time he really “gets” it.  He talks a lot about his brother, how he’s going to help, and things he’s going to teach him.  So I thought this little class might be something fun for just him and I to do together.

When we got there, he got a snack and then went through his folder and checked everything out.  We watched a silly video about being a sibling which Owen thought was fun.Picture 1620 He picked out a baby and tried to help me put on the diaper and then swaddle him.Picture 1621 Picture 1622
Then we got paper and crayons and made a picture for baby brother.  We turned it in and they’ll laminate it for us and mail it to our house to bring to the hospital.Picture 1624 He got a cool goody bag with sunglasses, crayons, big brother stickers, and a slinky.Picture 1625 Then they had a little graduation and he got a certificate saying he’s ready to be a big brother.  Overall, a cute little class that I think he enjoyed.  Also, an interesting side note.  William has been vying for the name ‘Grayson’ since I was pregnant with Owen.  I love the name, it’s just becoming super popular around here which William didn’t believe.  In the class there was one Gracyn and one of the babies-to-be was going to be named that.  After reiterating this to William, he agreed to use it as a middle name instead of his first name.  Picture 1627 He got to choose where we ate lunch and he wanted chips and salsa, so Mexican food it was!  What a fun date with my little big man.Picture 1629

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