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Friday, January 17, 2014

Pinned It, Did It {file tubs and recipes}

pinned it
I’ve done quite a few projects lately so I’m feeling the need to resurrect my Pinned It, Did It Mondays.  Yeah yeah I know it’s Friday.  I’m working through a huge list of blogs to catch up on and this was an easy one to write today.  Pinned It, Did It is where I actually take some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest, put them into action, and then review them for you.
pin #1
Oh how I love January organization.  I’ve been itching to start on the little man’s room but right now the entire contents of our basement are in there, so I can’t do anything.  So I’m just working on a few small projects until I can go organizing crazy!  I pinned this a year or so ago and finally just did it!  Memory Boxes - Great idea to organize kids paperwork, school work, pictures, etcSource: Baby Boxes from Destination of Domestication
My pictures:IMG_0845 My review: I bought 7 of these tubs from Wal-Mart. 3 for kids and 4 for some of my school/home files.  I bought several large packs of file folders (yes this took my entire “home” budget for several months.)  For my kid’s boxes, I made folders with the labels:
  • Baby Information
  • Health Records
  • Documents & Certificates
  • Age 0-3
  • Age 4-5
  • Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade
  • Lots of extra blank ones for things I didn’t think of
Then I just cut their names out of vinyl and done!  Now no more searching through all my piles files to try and find something.  Each kid has their own tub where I can throw everything pertinent to them!
pin #2While I’ve made it known that cooking is not my forte, it has been nice to finally feel well enough to make something for my family.  Here’s a few recipes that we’ve enjoyed the last month:Prepare a delicious holiday feast with inspiration from our 20-plus Christmas dinner menus. Each menu features a main course paired with two or three side dishes to jump-start your Christmas meal planning.Source: Coffee Crusted Beef Tenderloin from Better Homes and Gardens
My review: Sad, no picture, but this was fabulous!   I made this for our Christmas dinner and it got rave reviews from myself and William (kids wouldn’t touch it).  Now, I did try it later with a not-so-good cut of meat and I learned my lesson not to do that again.

pin 3
Eat Yourself Skinny!: Better-than-Chipotle Bowl...yummy
SourceBetter Than Chipotle Bowl from Eat Yourself Skinny
My picture:Picture 1708My Review: I love Chipotle so I can’t say this was better than Chipotle.  It doesn’t have quite the kick that they get into their salads.  But this was really good!  I love cilantro so this was right up my alley.  William ate it with chips like a salsa and I just ate mine right out of the bowl like a salad.  Definitely worth keeping this 4 IMG_5395
Source: Mongolian Beef Broccoli from Blessed Eichelbergers
My picture: Picture 1665My review:  yummy!  It’s definitely a little sweet and I only used about half the brown sugar.  Next time, I’d use only about 1/3.  But served over rice, William definitely approved.  And as you can tell by my pictures, I threw in a few extra veggies into mine.

Happy cooking!

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