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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1 week checkup

Today was William’s last day of being home, so I ran Miles to his one week checkup appointment by himself.  This is how he feels about his car seat:photo 2 (2)We couldn’t get into Dr. Melvin, so we saw Dr. Tripathy.  She was the pediatrician we switched from.  The appointment confirmed my first thoughts on her – very thorough and knowledgeable, but all 4-001He’s above his birth weight at 9lbs, 15oz!  She said his everything looked great, even his circumcision.  While checking his cleft palate, she could barely see it without pushing his tongue way down.  We’re going to check in with Dr. Melvin at his one month and possibly get a referral to a specialist so we can know what the future possibly holds on that front.  It has had ZERO impact on his eating/breathing right now.  Thank you God!photo 2 (1)blog-signature-1

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