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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Miles’ Going Home Day!

Friday, May 23rd was a good day!  When the doctors did morning rounds, I asked begged that we be allowed to go home.  Dr. Stratton agreed!  The last thing on this little guy’s list was his circumcision.  Save the worst pain for last, right?IMG_2075Around 11, a very nice doctor came and explained the procedure and I signed consent papers.  The nurse gave me a meal ticket .  I ran downstairs to the cafeteria and grabbed a quick bite and got back upstairs just as Miles was getting back.  Now all we had to do was wait until he peed.  Wouldn’t you know…my child would take 4 HOURS to simply pee.  We nursed and nursed and checked his diaper again and again, nothing.  The second he peed, the nurse swung into action and we were ready to leave in about 5 minutes!
Since William had the kids, it was easier for me to just drive him home myself.  They don’t let you carry the car seat out, so he got his first wagon ride down while I went and pulled up the van.IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2085We got loaded up and I thanked God as we drove away from our home away from home.IMG_2087When I got home, Anne D was just leaving after dropping off a delicious meal and diapers!  Owen and Ellie attacked the car seat the second we walked in the door.IMG_2093 Owen wasn’t too interested in holding him.IMG_2100Daddy sure was though!IMG_2117IMG_2124He finally got a little wash down and I tried my best to get all the little tape off him left from all his wires.Picture 1958 Picture 1961William had a hard time letting him go as he had barely seen the little man all week.IMG_2130We are so thankful for the amazing care he received in the NICU.  But we are even more thankful to be home!

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