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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear sweet baby girl,

I cannot even express all the things I'm feeling right now. I think I have cried more today than I did when I gave birth to your soon to be friend, Owen. I can't give the world any updates because your momma hasn't posted them. And well, that is a really fun thing for a new momma to get to do. But I just wanted you to know a few things.

We have prayed and prayed for you. For years. Really, years. And when I saw that picture of you wrapped snuggly in your momma's arms. . .I knew that you were the EXACT baby that we had been praying for. You are perfect. Absolutely perfect. And you have been worth every minute of the wait.  You have such an amazing mom and dad.  They are some of the world's greatest people.  They have hearts so big they can't be contained.  They're going to teach you so many things, like how to be an amazing gardening goddess and cook, and how to read great books, and how to survive without a TV.  And you'll grow up not only know about their love for you. . .but about how much Jesus loves you.

I'm giving you a book when I get to meet you this week (oh how I wish I could come this minute). And in it, there's a line that sums everything up perfectly:
Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born.
This is true. Jesus was throwing quite the party tonight because you arrived (in quite the fashion too). You are the one and only ever you.  I love you so much already sweet girl.  


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