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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy 8 Months: An Interview

I was lucky enough to get an interview with Owen today in commemoration of his 8-month birthday.

Emily: Thanks for sitting down with me today, Owen.

Owen: Oh, no worries. I had a break in my schedule.  So, you know, it's cool.

Emily: So, how is it being 8 months old now?  Anything new happening since we last talked with you.

Owen:  Being 8 months is pretty great.  I mean, the basics are still pretty much the same.  I look cute, I get held.  I cry, I get held.  I smile, I get held.  But lots of great new things are happening for me around here too.  I like spending time in my jumparoo.  It's way more fun than that exersacuer thing they put me in.  I like to sit in it and ponder life's tough questions.
I also have had fun with lots of new toys. I think my mom finally realized I'm ready to move beyond those squishy toys that have water in them. Here's a video of some of my new mad skills.  My mom gets pretty excited every time I do this. 

Emily:  Any new food experiences you'd had lately that are worth mentioning?

Owen: Well, I've enjoyed a few new fruits and I really like the zucchini I've had.  I'm also getting much better about eating things with more texture in them.  I really like chewing on apple and pear slices too.  I heard my mom saying that now that I'm 8 months, I going to be getting lots of new things to eat like tofu, yogurt, chicken, turkey, mangoes, and more.  Chicken.  Isn't that what mom calls that the yellow puppet thing I like so much.  Hmm.  I also really still like nursing. I'd nurse all night if I could instead of that thing mom likes to call sleep.  I've also found that nursing is way more fun if you hold your passy in the free hand.  I now insist on this all the time.
Emily: Speaking of sleep, we've heard some rumors that you're not getting much of that these days.  Care to tell us more about this?

Owen: I have no idea what you're talking about.  I'm just doing the same thing I've done since I was born, getting up every 1-2 hours just to check on my mom and dad.  They really like seeing me so often.  Lately, they've really been trying hard to make me cry myself back to sleep, which come on, would any of you like that?  I think not.  So just to remind them who's boss, I've started a new policy of being up from 3-5am crying or just being wide awake.  You know, just to keep the parents completely sleep deprived on their toes.

Emily: We've noticed you sporting a new hair-do lately.  Wanna give us any tips on who your hair stylist is?

Owen:  Well, I've got a rockin' aunt who can't wait to cut my hair.  But it's coming in a little slower than I anticipated.  But as this picture proves, I'm starting to get a little sprout like Alfalfa and dad calls it my faux hawk.  The parents have even threatened to put gel in it for church.  I think the spout goes well with my angry look.
Emily: So, in a few recent press pictures, we've noticed a nice head tilt and you sticking out your tongue.  Is this your new look?

Owen:  Well, yes thanks for noticing.  The feel like the head tilt shows off my better side.  And the tongue thing.  Well, I'm just realizing I have control over this thing in my mouth and it feels pretty funny to stick it out and blow bubbles.  It's especially funny when my mom has just put a spoonful of food in my mouth.

Emily: Any chance you'll be mobile anytime soon?

Owen: And ruin the ability to get held everywhere I go?  Not a chance.  I still refuse to roll over (even though I'm totally capable of doing it).  I just don't want to get the parents expecting me to do everytime they say 'roll over buddy.'  I do finally accept some tummy time that's longer than a minute and I like to push up on my hands.  I also like to stand up with a little help.  I think that whole crawling thing is for babies.  I think I'll skip it just like my mom did.
Emily: So, Owen, anything else you'd like to share with us today?

Owen:  Just a few random facts that only my grandparents would care about.  But here goes.  I really love my mom.  When someone else is holding me now, I almost always cry.  Unless my mom is right there.  Just gotta make sure I give her some loving.  You know she birthed me and all.  Then there's this 4 legged creature that's really starting to like me these days.  They call her Sophie Cat.  I like to pull her tail and nuzzle my face in her fur.  I'm also getting really good at waving my arms when I get excited.  Maybe one day I'll figure out how to get my hands to meet and do the thing they call clapping.

Emily: So, Owen, in conclusion, how do you stay so grounded with all the attention you get?

Owen: It's a balancing act. I just try to remember where I came from and get back to my roots every once in a while. I just don't want to get too "Hollywood", you know? Oh wait, here's a few more pictures and a video I want you to see of me.

Owen: Upon previewing this article for publication, my stylist would be appalled.  I'm in my pj's in almost all of these pictures.  I just want people to be aware that I have quite the collection of clothes thanks to my grandma, but my mom keeps insisting on these footed pj's for these cold days where we stay home.  I'm kinda ready for that white stuff to melt because then my mom says I get to go outside more!


  1. Owen, thanks for not crying when I held you! Though, that might have been because mom was close by. Either way, I will take what I can get. ;)

  2. You are so welcome Jonelly! I saw that you were about to cry yourself, so I thought I should be strong for the both of us. ;)


  3. Wow. You have some SERIOUS handsomeness going on. Really, he is 1 of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!


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