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Thursday, February 17, 2011

rolling from back to belly

Last night when I went to check on Owen crying around 4am, I found him on his belly. That means is was the first time, finally, that he's rolled from his back to his belly. He's moving a little slow around here in terms of wanting to be mobile (see 8 month interview). :) But here's a little video from this morning when he was repeating it. You can stop after about 30 seconds because it gets boring. On a side note, anybody know a good, free movie editing software for .mov files?


  1. Maybe he'll sleep longer now that he can get to his belly?? Emma never sleeps on her back anymore - she just immediately turns to her stomach when I put her in her crib. I think most babies prefer the belly!


  2. Before I got my new computer, which has Windows Live Movie Maker already installed on it, I just used Picasa. It's really a picture software so it doesn't do everything, but it will at least let you clip 5 minutes of video down to the cute 30 seconds that you really want people to see. (and it's free.)

  3. Laura - I sure hope it helps!

    Ellen - I'm such an idiot. I use Picassa for everything photo. I didn't realize I could clip my movies. Just figured it out. THANKS! :)

  4. isabell's favorite moment in this video: the two second shot of sophie in the background! she screamed out loud! *LOL* she also didn't like that she could hear "emiwee" but not see you. ;)

  5. Owen seems to be on the same schedule as B! She was 8 months before she finally deemed is necessary to roll to her belly (although she rolled to her back at 3 months). She was pulling up on things shortly after she started rolling and was crawling exactly three weeks later! Watch out, it seems once they get it they really take off!!!


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