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Saturday, September 21, 2013

homeschooling: first 3 weeks in review

We are 3 weeks into our preschool homeschooling journey.  Basic summary: LOVE it! :)  It's been so fun getting him into a routine and there's only been one day that he hasn't wanted to jump right in.  And the nice thing was, on that day after some extra cuddles and some Daniel Tiger, he was ready for school.  I'm loving my curriculum and it's been a blast digging through my school files to find fun things to add in.  I also really love the workbox system we're using. It's definitely been a learning curve getting back into a routine of prepping school work every week, but I love how it's given our days a bit of structure, even if it's only 45 minutes. 
Ellison is still a nightmare (love you sweetie) during school time, so I'm trying all sorts of things to keep her busy and keeping her from standing up in the middle of the table throwing crayons and eating paper. Not that she tried that or anything. :)
Here were a few things we did last week while learning about the letter D (yes, we're going out of order).  I found a cute set from the Dollar Tree that had stickers, a cardboard "scene" and a couple cardboard dinosaurs.  He had a blast playing dinosaurs and loved the volcano part.  We had to recreate the volcano we did awhile ago.
Sam working with magnetic pom pom and Owen doing a puzzle
sorting capital and lower case D's
dino color puzzles
using pattern blocks to make the letter Dd
For our final activity, we did a dinosaur fossil dig.  I grabbed all Owen's small dinosaurs, a bowl of sand, and some plaster of paris.  I mixed together the plaster of paris.  I pressed a dinosaur down into the sand.
Then I poured the plaster into the dino shape and let it sit overnight.  It worked pretty well!
Picture 1436I buried about 15 dinosaur fossils and “footprints” in the sandbox.  It was really chilly in the morning, but he could not wait to get outside.  We took shovels and paintbrushes to brush off the sand and started digging.  We matched up the fossils to the dinosaurs that made them.  He stayed focused for almost 2 hours, digging, matching, re-burying and talking about being a paleontologist.  It was so much fun to watch!
Here’s to at least 23 more weeks of an awesome school experience!

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