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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MTD field trip

Our friend Jill set up an awesome field trip to the MTD (our local city bus) garage.  Owen is still talking about it, so it was definitely a hit!

Our tour guide showed us around to where they store all the parts needed to fix the buses.  I’ve never seen a wall filled with so many nuts and bolts!Picture 1789 Yes, I was a little nervous as these two looked over the (very open) area watching three buses being fixed.Picture 1790 Picture 1791 Picture 1792 He did a good job showing the kids the size of things in our cars versus the size of them on the bus.Picture 1793 Owen’s favorite part (aside from the little red piggy bank with the MTD logo he got.  yes, a strange thing to put a bus logo on) was getting to have a short ride on the bus. They took us to where they fill up with gas and then we got to go through the bus car wash.  Ellie was quite nervous but survived!  Overall, a really fun morning!Picture 1794blog-signature-1

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