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Saturday, April 12, 2014

the great egg hunt

This morning was our first egg hunt of the year.  Our church hosted it’s first egg hunt and we had a blast!  We ate donuts, milk, and coffee and got entered for all the giveaways.  Then we headed into the main auditorium for a dramatic telling of the Easter story with neat video.  Owen actually stayed very “tuned in” to the story.

Then we all headed outside to where they had 2 areas roped off depending on the kiddos ages.IMG_9515IMG_9510 The Easter bunny waved a welcome at everyone.IMG_9512The kiddos got their cute bags ready.  IMG_9508And then they were off.  Luckily we were on the not crowded side and they got quite a few eggs before they got rushed with more kids.mThen we opened all the eggs and returned them (so they could reuse them next year) and went to collect the few prizes they earned.IMG_9520All in all, a really great event.  Especially for the first one ever at church!


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