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Monday, April 21, 2014

Ellison’s birthday celebrations!

How in the world is my sweet little girl 2 years old?!  Ok, I know every mom says that…but I really do feel like this day was just yesterday:Ellison Announcement-8052-001(I'll post what she's up to in another post.)  We got all her gifts set up the night before as the girl gets up about 6 every day.IMG_1804My mom and I found the dollhouse at a resale shop in town almost a year ago.  We bought it knowing she’d be ready for it eventually.  I’ve purchased a few sets of furniture on eBay but plan on adding more things as she gets bigger.  She dove right into the dollhouse as soon as everyone was up and going.    IMG_1807Of course, she had to open all her other presents before we could even think about breakfast.  She loves music, just like Owen, so we added a few pieces to their instruments.IMG_1824This present was a huge hit.  A while back, we had a play date at my friend Tiffany’s house.  Her little girl had some pretend make-up that was adorable.  I ordered this set from Amazon as the shop on Etsy where Tiffany had bought hers was no longer open.  Ellie LOVED it.  She knew exactly what to do.  She loves watching me put on make-up and knows which lip gloss she’s allowed to grab out my bag and use.  She carried her makeup bag around all day (and many days after that).IMG_1829IMG_1813We finally got to eat yummy huge blueberry muffins for breakfast and of course she got to blow out a "2” candle.IMG_1838IMG_1832For her birthday “party” this year, we planned a simple fun weekend in Peoria with my parents and grandparents.  Since her birthday was on Easter weekend, it worked out great!  They have this great place in Peoria called Monkey Joes.  It is basically a building packed full of bounce houses.  There are party rooms that you can book as well.  I wish we had one of these in Champaign for the cold winter months.  The kids had a BLAST.  Since I am huge and pregnant, I was simply on camera duty while William, Grandma, and Grandpa were on bounce duty.IMG_1883 IMG_1861 IMG_1866 Owen got pretty brave and finally did these slides by himself!IMG_1874 IMG_1877
We went back to my parents house for cake and more presents!IMG_1908 IMG_1890 She loved her princess dress and “high heels!”IMG_1902 Happy birthday sweet girl!  We hope you feel how loved and celebrated you are!

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