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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Casey’s Birthday Weekend

This past weekend, we packed up and headed to Peoria to help celebrate my brother Casey’s birthday!  He flew in from Colorado and we were excited to see him, Philip and Kara, and my folks.  We got there mid-morning and just had a fun time hanging out. Picture 1961 Picture 1962 Picture 1963The kids had a blast playing in the basement, running naked in the hose outside and feeding the cows. Oh and just being crazy.Picture 1943Picture 1965The parental units made an amazing dinner for Casey us.Picture 1966Then we finally got to the part Owen was waiting for, Cake and presents. 
Owen was pretty concerned that Casey didn’t get any presents to open, just cards.  Welcome to adult life 2-002 We made the mistake of thinking Owen and Ellie could possibly sleep in the same room together.  Parent FAIL.  I guess we should have known that putting 2 terrible sleepers together is just going to result in more terrible sleep.  So somewhere in the middle of the night, we divided and conquered.  Ellie came and slept with me (and Miles) and William slept with Owen.Picture 1950-001Sunday morning we finally got a picture of my parents and the kids.  That’s been a long time coming.  I took about 40 and this was the best. :)Picture 1931Picture 1944 We had a great time at their church, the Vineyard Church Peoria and after a quick lunch, got on the road.  The kiddos were asleep before we got on the highway.Picture 1953-001When we got home, we finally got around to something we’ve been talking about doing. . .making Ellie’s crib into a toddler bed.  As you can tell, she was thrilled!Picture 1973Picture 1970It really hasn’t done much to make sleep better or worse this week which I guess I should be thankful for.  Of course we’ve had a few more things to clean up as she now loves to pull books off her bookshelf and take shoes out of drawers.  And one night, she did walk downstairs in the middle of the night looking for me.  But other than that, we’re on our way to true toddler-hood.  Next up: paci only at night and maybe potty training?  Lord help us.

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