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Friday, August 1, 2014

B&N Frozen Event

Today we decided to have an outing after naps (rare for us) and we headed to Barnes and Noble for their Frozen event.  It was billed as super fun thing for kids and I thought there would be a few more characters present.  It wasn’t a glamorous event by any means, but the kids did awesome and it’s always fun to get out and about.Picture 1951-002At the first table, they poured what looked like salt into a cup.  Owen got to dump in water and it turned into “snow.”  They go to play with it in pans and bury animals and such.  Then, we build snowman (Olafs) with glitter playdoh.Picture 1950We cut out some snowflakes and hung them up on the little stage area.  Of course, we had to belt out some Frozen tunes while on the stage!Picture 1954-001Picture 1952-001 They were so awesome that when Owen asked for a treat while we were leaving, I had to oblige. :)Picture 1959Picture 1955 Picture 1956 Picture 1957 Picture 1958It was a fun way to ruin our dinner. :)

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