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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miles {2 months}

I was gearing up to start writing Miles’ 3 month post and realized I didn’t finish his 2 month one.  Oops.  So here’s the short list of that post:
  • his first smile was on June 20.  Now he gives us smiles and full belly laughs all day long.  Never had a baby so smiley and I LOVE it!
  • in size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing (around 13 pounds)
  • awesome nurser
  • takes 4-5 naps in various locations (swing, stroller, crib)
  • sleeps in his crib 7:30-1ish and then up every couple hours.  But what?!  Did I finally get a sleeper.
  • loves to be swaddled and only sleeps if all arms and legs are snug tight and on his back
  • adores his paci
  • loves his siblings
  • doesn’t love or hate bath time. 
  • hates tummy time
Picture 1931
ahh, a sleeper :)
Picture 1720-001
his first smile - I caught it on camera!
Picture 1713-001
love his hair line
Picture 1742-001
June 23 - first time on his playmat
Picture 1888
smiley man
And some from our 2 month photo shoot:IMG_2531-2 IMG_2504IMG_2510-2 IMG_2522-2 IMG_2525-2 IMG_2529-2

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