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Friday, July 11, 2014

doctor's visit and the pool

This week, we had a crazy early doctor appointment for Owen and Miles.  Seriously, why did I schedule that at 8?!  Owen was a total disaster and cried for everything, getting on the scale, getting measured, blood pressure, etc.  This then caused Ellie to cry and then Miles got in on it.  Fun times.  The only thing I remember is that Miles was 13 pounds even.  90-something percentile.  Big boy!  He has terrible goopy eyes but they don’t do anything about the clogged tear ducts until he’s a year.  Hopefully it won’t be that long.

Miles also has a umbilical granuloma.  It’s basically a piece of tissue that stays on your baby's bellybutton after the umbilical cord falls off. Rather than getting covered with skin as it heals, there is a red tissue on the bellybutton.  They use silver nitrate to essentially “burn” it away since it doesn’t have any nerve endings.  I didn’t really consider asking more questions before Dr. Melvin did it.  While it worked for the top of granuloma, the bottom will need more silver nitrate.  And because he was moving so much, the silver nitrate got on parts of his belly button and stomach.  He cried a lot more than normal that day/night so he was probably in pain.  Felt like an awful momma.  A little googling just suggested putting Vaseline everywhere before the silver nitrate is applied to protect it.  We'll do that before he gets the rest of it removed.Picture 1872-001After the doctor, we headed right to the pool.  Avery once again was a huge help holding Miles while we played!Picture 1841-001Picture 1843And a cute someone got a hold of my phone during snack break.July 2014   blog-signature-1

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