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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Whew is all I have to say after last weekend.

The fun began on Friday afternoon.  I drove the kids to Bloomington to meet my parents at a McDonald’s.  We ate and played in the nice (seriously one of the nicer Mickey D’s I’ve been to) kid area.  We switched cars and then I drove home with just this guy:Picture 1888Picture 1890Saturday morning I was enjoying my coffee that hadn’t been warmed up several times, cuddling with Miles, and reading a book.  It was pouring outside and even when our phones went off with a flood alert, I wasn’t too worried.  Until William disappeared in the basement and then came up to say he needed help.  The sump pump was starting to not keep up with the amount of water that was coming in.  So we started shoveling buckets across the room into the shower.

We realized the storm drain where it pumps to was flooded by many feet of water, so the water we were pumping out had no where to go. I drove as fast as I could to Awesome Machines down the road and we rented a pump with a hose that we put out the window. By the time I got back, our storage area and William's tiled office were covered in water. But with the pump and towels I think we saved our new carpet. It's wet all the way around the edge of the room but we have fans going and rented a wet vac that we used several times.  With the dehumidifier as well, I think we’re all good now.  It was SO not how we wanted to spend kid-free time, but at the same time I'm glad they were out of the way.

We were also excited that it opened some doors with our neighbors.  Many lost a lot more than we did.  The couple across the street asked William to help move furniture and they let us borrow their dehumidifier until ours arrived.  They were super thankful and I hope that through the bad stuff we can chat more often!
We did get a pre-anniversary dinner out and also went out to breakfast the next morning.  Miles slept through both so it was super nice.  We drove back to Bloomington and met at Avanti’s (yum)!  Despite the basement craziness it was refreshing having a short break from the big kids.

I obviously didn’t take any pictures of the middle of the flooding, but here’s some aftermath pics:
Picture 1884
the hose going out the window that saved it
Picture 1886-001
ok, so you can't really even see the water, but it's there

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  1. Your kid sure looks adorable! I'd have to commend you guys for handling the situation very well. Many people would have panicked already at that point. It's great that your possessions were mostly saved, and nothing went to waste. There might be a few more cleanups, and I hope there aren't any more problems. Take care!

    Allen Hoffman @ Brewer Restoration


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