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Sunday, July 20, 2014


This past week was Owen’s first time attending Vacation Bible  School at church!  He was pretty adamant that he didn’t want to go, but we basically told him he had to. :)  And then once he realized one of his best buddies, Asher, was going all was right with the world again.  Erica and I took turns carpooling the boys and they had a great time riding together.  The Kingdom Kids team did an amazing job decorating, praying, prepping, and running the great 4 evenings!

The theme was JUMP and there were jump ropes hanging everywhere and a huge trampoline on the stage.Picture 1886-002Picture 1883-001These two boys are quite the goofy pair when they’re 1898-001Picture 1900-001 Picture 1902-001 Picture 1904-001Today the kids helped lead worship to show the songs they learned at VBS.  Definitely a fun week for Owen!  (Anne D, you’ll enjoy your guy in this one too)


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