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Monday, November 14, 2011

17 weeks!

**This post is dedicated to Julie who polietly told me last week that my baby posting was receving an 'F' this round.  Poor baby.  I've written tons of posts in my head, so it's time to get a few on the actual blog.**

How far along? 17 weeks last Friday
Baby: He/she's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone and he/she weighs 5 ounces and around 5 inches long from head to bottom.
How I'm feeling: I can finally say a little bit better!  My lovely state insurance refused to fill my prescription last week so I was kinda forced to see how I'd do without it.  While I still have moments of acute nausea and don't feel totally like myself, I made it!  No actual puking and I actually cleaned, cooked, painted 2 rooms, knit, and made hair bows last week.  So getting closer to the glory that is supposed to be 2nd trimester.
Food cravings: still not really loving food at this point.  I eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and also am enjoying toast with cinnamon/sugar on it.  But definitely haven't hit that point where I want to eat everything in sight. 
Last appointment:  I met with Vanessa for a pretty quick appointment.  Baby's heartbeat was 159bpm, so a little lower than last time.  She was awesome and agreed to let me have our ultrasound in 2 weeks instead of 4.  So that means, next Wednesday, we find out if Owen is getting a brother or sister.  I can't believe it's time for already!  I think I am even more excited this time around to find out.  If that's even possible!
Then, Vanessa and I talked a little about the 4th floor experience.  If you've had a vaginal birth at Carle previously, you are invited this time around to give birth on the 4th floor.  You have to go to the 10th floor first to be monitored, but then once you're on the 4th floor, EVERYTHING is done in one room.  Birth, recovery and all of baby's checks and things.  I would be super excited to get to do this, but we're going to have to wait until a little closer to delivery time.  Even though my delivery was great with Owen, all the heart trauma afterwards might keep me in too "high" risk of a category to be on that floor.  Not the end of the world, but there are jacuzzi tubs in each room and they do waterbirths in those tubs and that would be awesome.  Which brings me to my next section
Birthing thoughts: I will be the first to say that I loved my epidural.  I was trying hard to have Owen without it, but I had an amazing experience with it.  Since I waited so long to get it, it didn't slow down any of my progress.  I could still lift my legs and feel everything and in general, just had a really great experience pushing.  So at first, I thought that I'd be totally ok with this experience again for baby #2.  But after everything was said and done with Owen's birth, no one was able to really tell me what happened with all the heart stuff.  There were a few ideas, but no concrete reason as to why I had to be away from my little guy for over 36 hours only getting to see him every 3 hours to eat while I was in cardiology being monitored.  In the back of my head, there's a little thought that IF the epidural had anything to do with what happened, that is one thing that I can avoid.  So this week, we're taking a waterbirth class with Ray.  I loved laboring in the tub so why not do the whole thing in there?!  Although I was a little grossed out at the idea of sitting in all the stuff that's going to come out, I'm going to want a shower no matter what right? :)  So I'm putting it out there now: granted any unforeseen circumstances (which I know there are TONS of) I'm going to do everything in my power this time around to go naturally. 
What I'm reading:  I haven't read any baby books yet. How did I not read the Mark of the Lion series when it came out and was huge years ago?  I'm almost done with the first of the 3 books and am loving it!   As for the heavier reading book on my night stand, I'm reading A Praying Life which my mom recommended. 
Stuff I've done for baby: just getting lots of ideas on the rooms.  I'll move Owen to the craft room (with the adorable built in toy chest) and let the baby have his room.  So just getting decorating ideas for his room.  I'll reuse all his stuff if this is a boy and might go just a little crazy in the room if this is a girl. 
Movement:Feeling a few little flutters, but nothing consistent yet.  Really looking forward to this, although I'd be ok if this baby didn't have hiccups quite as much as Owen had. :) 
And a pic: I'm at that stage where I can wear regular pants and just look a little pudgier or wear maternity pants and top and look really pregnant. 

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  1. Oh my, NEXT week you find out boy or girl! So exciting! And I didn't realize the whole 4th floor experience had been rolled out already but what a great option to (possibly) have!


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