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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We are having a. . .

baby! I wasn't going to give it away in the first sentence people, come on. :) First you have to stand some pictures of our perfectly healthy little baby. He/she was moving all over the place, but all their parts are there and are in perfect working order.
creepy alien face looking at the "camera"
the foot with 5 perfect toes
their hand, moving up to the face
And the big news is. . .
Owen is having a little SISTER!!  I really am having a hard time believing it!  It's been my gut the whole time, but I also thought maybe it was just wishful thinking.  But nope.  I get to start making bows and pink hats for my own daughter.  Dang, and there I start crying again.  I am thrilled beyond measure and William was over the moon too.  We had the sono tech show us multiple times, because we were really not believing her.  But it's for real folks.  Bring on the pink, and ruffled butts, and hair accessories, and ruined budgets.  I cannot wait to share her name and the meaning behind it, but I can't give away everything in one post. 

1 comment:

  1. wee-hoo! cannot wait!!!! so excited for the growing pool family. bring on the pink!


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