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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Baby Girl

My dear sweet Ellie,
I cannot even write in words how exciting I am that you are my little girl! I've been feeling you move around more inside this week and it's finally feeling more real that you will be in my arms in just 19ish weeks. The time is just flying. This weekend at church, you were already blessed with these adorable things from mommy's friends.  You're going to be one styling little girl!
I'm excited for you to have dates with your daddy just like I did when I was little.  Maybe he'll even take you to the ballet and then Steak N Shake like your Grandpa did with me. I look forward to all the girl drama you'll bring to our lives and I hope your awesome big brother Owen will do a great job watching out for you while you're at school and with the boys.  Someday I can picture us going to mommy daughter teas, shopping for prom dresses, and maybe even someday helping plan your wedding.  Ok, ok I'm getting ahead of myself.

One thing I have treasured this past week is calling you by name.  I love knowing who's in there and being able to pray for you by your name.  Ellison Jakeh.  It's a pretty speical name to us.  Your daddy's middle name is Ellis and my middle name is Jakeh.  So you have a little of both of us in your name.  Your first name means My God is the Lord.  This is something we pray everyday that you will come to know.  Your middle name is unique and I've been so excited to be able to pass it on.  It's pronounced jay-kuh and I've never met anyone else who has it.  It is found one time in the Bible in Proverbs 30:1.  Jakeh means pious, or in other terms 'devoutly religious'.  And while I don't love the word religious, my prayer is again that someday, you will come to love Jesus just as much as your mommy and daddy and other family members do.  This also means we'll have the same initials, that is unless you get married someday.

So my dear Ellie, we are just giddy with excitement and anticipation at meeting you.  It will be a whirlwind few months getting your room ready, buying cute little pink clothes, and cherishing the last few months we have with Owen as an only child. Know that you are so loved already by so many people.  I cannot wait to see what you look like and meet the little girl God planned for us to have.

I love you so much,
your momma


  1. Beautiful name for what I'm sure will be a beautiful little girl! So so so happy for you guys!

  2. A daughter is PRECIOUS. So excited for you!

  3. Such a sweet post! Love her name!


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