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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

waterbirth class

We had a really great evening last night at Carle's waterbirth class. It was taught by Ray, one of the midwives. He's a super quiet talker at appointments, but this was the first time I could hear him without leaning in. :) He started the class with a couple of videos and then did about a 45 minute presentation. He talked about the basics of what waterbirth is and what Carle offers. He also did research on the first 150 waterbirths they did at Carle and shared the really encouraging statistics from those births.

I won't share all the stats because there were a lot, but we left being totally on board that we are going to try this with baby #2. Over ice cream at Marble Slab afterwards, we also discussed that William won't be in the tub. :) I liked holding his hand, but did not want him touching me besides that for Owen's birth.

One comment Ray said during the class was "your birth stories are all unwritten as of right now." But I felt God speak very clearly to me that our birth story HAS been written, by him. I know there is no way to plan how this one is going to go. This is definitely one thing in life I have NO control over. But I am so encouraged and thankful we are at a hospital that will fully support our choice to try and do this naturally in the tub. I'll just continue to pray for these next months that God's story of this baby's birth would happen exactly as HE has planned.

Ahh, I'm so excited about doing this again!! Remind me of that when I'm screaming in pain, ok?


  1. So cool! I am so excited you're going for your natural water birth. It's going to be awesome! And I can't believe in less than a week we'll know if it's a boy or a girl you'll be birthing.


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