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Friday, February 10, 2012

30 weeks!

Ellison: is as big as a cabbage.  She's about 3 pounds and is almost 16 inches!
Me: I'm definitely feeling pregnant!  I've had to put away the medium maternity shirts and a few pairs of jeans that I really liked.  Still don't feel quite as big as I did with Owen and my weight gain hasn't been as much as with him, so I cannot complain.  But I'm slowing down.  I definitely take advantage of Owen's afternoon naps a few days a week.  Starting to feel my stomach stretching and breathing's getting a little more difficult.  But overall, not terrible.
Last appointment:  Owen had a blast with Aubrey, Gabe, and Mataya while I got blood work done and met with Ray.  My blood work came back fabulous.  No gestational diabetes for me.  Thanks for the prayers on that!  I really enjoy Ray, despite him being so quiet when you talk to him.  We got so caught up in conversation that I didn't even ask what her heartbeat was when he listened.  But everything was good.  He's letting me go for one more 4 week period before we switch to the every 2 week appointments.  We're still working on figuring out if I'll even be allowed to deliver on the 4th floor because of the heart stuff.  No one really knows the answer to that as of yet.
Sleep: Still only sleeping with one extra pillow but that's probably going to need to change soon .  I remember in pre-pregnancy when I wanted to roll over all I did was roll over and go back to sleep.  Now it goes a little like this.  I want to roll over.  Then I think, do I really want to roll over?  I move the pillows, and slowly pull my belly over to the other side, trying to ignore pains that shoot through me in multiple areas.  And then inevitably I fart. (Oh sorry, was that TMI).  Seriously, William just laughs.
Food cravings: not too many specific cravings.  Well, do sweets count?  Definitely loving powdered donuts and Milk Duds.  I promise I eat lettuce sometimes. :)
What I'm working on: This past weekend, my mom came for Friday and Saturday.  It was so wonderful having her here!  She played with Owen while I got lots of stuff done.  She also gave me a little sewing lesson on a friend's daughter's jeans.  Now I feel like I can hem some of Owen's stuff without having to ship it off to her. She also helped me finalize (I think) what I'm doing paint wise in her room.  Everything else I'm still clueless about.  Whew, talk about getting down to the wire here.  This week's project is cleaning everything out of the craft room and condensing it into a much smaller space in the guest room.  Hoping the blank room gets me inspired to get moving!

Craft wise, I've had a few more orders this week for bows, but did have time to finish up these little booties for her that match an adorable outfit my mom got her.  Going to try and get a couple hats finished up for her this weekend.  I think I have 2 more projects for other people, one ordered and one shower gift and then I'm shutting down the Etsy site and focusing on making adorable things for MY girl. :)  That's still so much fun to say.
I did her first load of laundry this week.  I have been so blessed by Summer who has 4 little girls and has shared her beautiful loot of clothes.  I had fun dumping out all the bags and tallying up what I have and what I need to get still.  It's amazing how quickly you forget how LITTLE 0-3 month clothing is.  I may have choked up a little while praying over her clothes.  And that little teddy bear was my first teddy bear.  It's pretty limp with not much stuffing, but can't wait to put it in her room.
And lastly, a picture.  William and I have been bad about taking official ones, so here's a bathroom shot.  This is from the morning, I definitely look bigger by the time dinner rolls around. :)


  1. Wow! Pregnancy sure does go by fast when it's someone else's! You look great!

  2. You look fantastic, Emily! I love reading about all your little girl preparations. :) I may have to live vicariously through your blog! ... I love all the bows in your next post, too! You are amazingly creative!


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