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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it spring?

I must say this winter has been a bit disappointing for someone who enjoys a couple good snows. But William is not complaining since he never ONCE had to shovel our driveway. :) We woke up today to the sunshine and birds chirping. We scrapped our library plans and headed out to the park in just a light jacket!

It was funny, I had been hyping up the park to get him to get dressed easier and we got in the car and turned left out of our subdivision. The park we normally go to is to the right. He screamed and pointed. Guess he knows his directions and where the regular park is. This was our first venture out to Hessel Park! We got there around 9 and had the whole park to ourselves until about 10. I don't think we left until close to 11.  What a great way to spend the morning!
his view from the swings
he kept saying "rocka, rocka"
he loved this little bridge
we spent much of that time just walking around
these seals squirt water in the summer - can't wait to cool off here!
another water feature - the tunnel

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