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Saturday, February 11, 2012

latest craftiness

I've had a couple fun bow orders in the last 2 weeks! The first was a little set for a baby girl shower. J gave me complete freedom in making whatever bows I wanted. Hope the new little baby (ok, more so her mom) loves them!
The next one was SO fun and will definitely be going up in the Etsy shop at some point after Ellie gets here. V wanted a bow for every month of the year! I actually made her a few extra as well such as Illini pom poms for the fall and a few little bows to complete the set. But I think we got all the major holidays covered. :)
Last Monday, we had a sprinkle for a gal in our small group who is expecting her second boy, Nolan.  Even though it was a mostly a diapers and wipes shower, I thought the little guy needed one outfit in his wardrobe made especially for him:

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