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Thursday, February 23, 2012

keeping us busy

A few people have asked, don't worry. Even though I'm not checking in on Facebook throughout Lent (wow, it's harder than I thought) I'm still blogging. I know all you really care about it making sure I update you on how close to labor I am. :) More about her in a later post.

Let me preference this post. I don't want you to think I'm a super mom who does fun projects everyday.  I mean, I do LOVE to pull out some of my old teaching skills and give Owen fun experiences and we get outside as often as we can.  But, especially as I'm slowing down these days, many mornings you can find this scene while I try and fit in some reading or cleaning or just sitting:
I thought you might just want to see a few things we've done over the last month so you can steal them and use them with your kiddos.  Pinterest has been a great inspiration when I draw a blank.  These first 2 were favorites in my classroom.  

Playing with noodles.  We've done this many days.  Sometimes "building" with trucks.  Sometimes cooking with measuring cups, bowls, and water:
Cardboard boxes.  Can't beat them.  We put in blankets and read books.  Pretend we're flying.  Or just color like these pictures show:
This wasn't as successful as I hoped it would be, but we'll definitely try it again.  I just took what I would normally fix him for lunch, and put it in an ice cube tray.  He did have fun, but I was hoping for more vegetable consumption.  No such luck. :)
We picked up a set of finger paints at the dollar store and finally broke them out.  The paint in the bag idea is the one linked in the source.  Owen wasn't that impressed .  So we just broke out some paper and finger painted. 
We like to get out of the house and play with someone else's toys.  We go to All Things Kids where the trucks aren't in boxes.  We head to the playground at the mall or FCC.  This is the train table at Toys R Us. 
Bath tub fun.  I strip him down and put him in the tub with shaving cream and let him go to town.  Or this picture was painting with colored bubble bath I made:
Hope that gives you a few ideas.  What are some of your favorite indoor winter activities?

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