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Saturday, March 10, 2012

34 weeks!

Ellie: She's a little over 4 3/4 pounds now and as big as a cantaloupe.  She had the hiccups for the first time this week. Well, I'm sure she's had them before but this was the first time I noticed them. They were quite hard to miss at 2am as I was trying to get back to sleep.  She loves to jam her leg or arm or something in the same spot on my right side over and over.
How I'm feeling:  So remember when I wrote that I was feeling great and not feeling as big as I did with Owen?  Well, that sure changed this week.  I think I overdid it painting El and Owen's rooms and was pretty helpless at the beginning of the week.  I thought pains down there were reserved for after birth. :)  Poor Owen has been a  trooper as I haven't been able to pick him up nearly as much. Getting a full breath is now nearly impossible and am feeling oh so very sleepy all the time.  Oh well, the joys of nearing the end!  I will say I'm excited that I haven't gained nearly the weight I did with O, although that could still change and might be due to the fact of all the puking I did at the start of all this.
What I'm craving: we gave up pop for part of what we're fasting for Lent so I've been craving a sweet drink.  I found a great "recipe" for sweet tea on Pinterest, and made a big batch of decaf.  Probably defeats the whole purpose of fasting, but mmmmm, it was good.  Strawberry prices have also been dropping which is awesome because I could eat one whole quart in a single sitting. 
What I'm reading: finally putting the fiction away and digging out some of my baby books.  Reading a couple on natural childbirth (ahhh, what am I doing? :) and re-reading Babywise.  A few more on my list to get through in the next couple weeks.
What I'm getting done: Finally moving on some baby things.  Ellie's room is almost done paint wise.  The painting project we undertook was supposed to be easy, but its definitely going to deserve it's own post.  The fabric is here for her curtains that my mom is going to help me sew next weekend (along with a huge other list of things for her to help with).  I'm getting busy this week making a few things for her wall and still waiting for styrofoam to go on sale for her flower balls above the crib.  May have to just buy one at a time with my 40% off coupon.  This weekend, we focused on getting O's room put back together so he can get out of the pack and play in the guest room.  We put together all his new furniture and the painting is almost done.  I'm going to have to save for a few new prints I want for one of his walls, but I'm basically reusing most of his nursery decor.    

Really, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by.  Now that we’re in March, I can officially say that next month – I’ll have a baby girl.  And a large glass of wine.

34 week picture before our date tonight:

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