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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Uggh - GBS

So, a nurse called today and I tested positive for Group B Strep, otherwise known as beta strep or GBS.  I didn't have it with Owen, so it kinda came as a shock.  It's a naturally occurring bacterium that can live in men and woman.  It's not a std and it's not strep throat, just to clear that up.  The only risk from GBS comes to your baby who comes into contact with it if you're having a vaginal birth.

It's not a HUGE deal, but I am definitely a little bummed about it.  I will have to ask my midwife lots more detail questions at our next appointment, but I know from my (not so nice nurse call) that I will have to have antibiotics every 4 hours.  That means having a hep-lock in my hand for sure (which I hope can be submerged in water!).  It also means I cannot try to stay at home as long as I can when I go into labor.  I want to be sure to get the dose in that I need before I deliver her, so they won't push for giving HER more drugs directly.  I'm just choosing not to read all the terrible things that could happen if Ellie was one of the 1 in 4000 cases where she contracts it. 

Any of you ladies out there in blog land have to deal with this?  I'm too tired to go back and track down all your birth stories. :)



  1. Just had it with Nola after not having it with either of the other two. Was kind of a shock to me too. All they really wanted to do was make sure you get at least four continuous hours of abx while you labor. No further complications with Nola although every little cough and cold made me worry she was getting something that may have been caused by GBS. If you don't get there and get adequate coverage before you deliver, they'll make you stay a full 48 hours to monitor her. Praying for a complication-free birth!

  2. Oh bummer! What does Ina may say about it? I remember her saying something but don't remember what. Praying too!

  3. I had it with my 2nd and 3rd child, but not my first either... Long story short, I wasn't at the hospital four hours before either baby was born and had no complications, other then we had to stay 48 hours in the hospital (which I kind enjoyed). I did have a water birth with my 3rd (as well as my 1st) if that helps. My 2nd just came to quickly & the midwife wasn't convinced that I was in labor until she was crowning)


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