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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

31 seems older than 30. Well, it is, but you know what I mean right? :) But it's been a great birthday weekend.  I officially said goodbye to the last part of my single, younger life.  On Thursday, Owen and I drove to Peoria and said goodbye to my Galant.
My parents helped buy this car for me after graduating college and it has been my little baby since '03!  She's been an awesome car and I wasn't totally prepared to say goodbye to her.  But my mom and dad met us at a small car dealership (who we LOVED if you're in the market) and went on a test drive with me.  Long story very short, I drove home from Peoria in this:

Hello new (to us) minivan!  It's an '06 Honda Odyssey Touring.  We've been searching, saving, and praying for this thing for well over a year.  And even my picky father said we couldn't pass up this deal.  I'm not quite sure who is more in love with it, me, William, or Owen.  William refuses to let me drive when we're all driving together because he wants a turn.  And Owen loves being up high and actually being able to look out the window.  He also loved the DVD player on the way home from Peoria.  I still have to pinch myself when I go out to the garage. :)

Friday night, my parents came to watch Owen so William and I could go out to dinner alone and then gave me a great birthday present of sleeping in while mom took care of him in the morning!  Saturday was a mad dash of getting a huge to-do list done around the house.  My mom helped me sew curtains, a new boppy pillow cover, and is also making a new crib skirt.  We installed a beautiful light in El's room and hung a few more things in Owen's room.  They worked in the yard ripping out plants that we didn't want and moving a few plants around. 

I can't wait until the rooms are a little more complete and I can show off pictures!  I'm starting to feel a little more ready for her arrival! 


  1. so excited for your new mom-mobile! and looking forward to the day when i have a similar post! also in the praying, saving and waiting stage. ;) so happy that your day arrived! way to go, guys!

  2. That is an awesome b-day present! We love our Odyssey with a big fat puffy heart! Happy (belated) Birthday!


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