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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

big boy bed

We've been really busy getting Owen's room done. I want him to have awhile in there without his rocking chair before Ellie gets there. He's done so great "helping" us do things in there and has seemed so excited about his room. He was jumping around when William put his big boy bed together on Sunday.  His pictures aren't up on the walls yet, so I'm not going to give you the complete tour, but here's a little video of him 'painting.'
I was thinking we would wait until after she arrived to transition him to the big boy bed. He's still so small! And he moves around so much at night. But then on Monday I found a great deal on a bed railing on Craigslist (thanks Anne for the offer though).  When I put his new sheets on, he crawled right up.  He's sleeping so terrible anyways, might as well start the sleep training in the new bed instead of doing it twice right?  So we piled the pillows around the bed where he could still possibly fall out and I read him twice as many books, sang a ton more songs, and laid with him for way past when I normally do.  And then I prayed and prayed and cried and cried.  But he is officially asleep in his new bed.  How is this possible that he's ready for this?! 
right after getting the bed together
getting ready to read tonight


  1. Yea Owen! What a big boy!

    We transitioned Katelyn into a toddler bed about 5 weeks before Ryan was born and I thought that it would be a struggle because she can be a bit, um, strong-willed... but she really surprised me by transitioning very easily with no big issues at all. Hopefully Owen will do the same!

  2. Way to go! How did he do all night? We have yet to move her into the big girl bed (it has been sitting ready for months). Just not sure how to make the transition... you have inspired me though.

  3. That is so great! Good job, Owen and Mama! I read recently that some kids sleep terribly in cribs but do really well in regular beds. Thinking this might be worth a try with Nola too!


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